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Welcome to the CanaDream Club. We’re happy to welcome you on board and look forward to our partnership!

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  Attraction is open year round.
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If advance reservations are required, how should these reservations be made?
Please provide us with any other information you would like us to know to enable us to complete your listing with us.
Are you able to direct bill CanaDream on receipt of voucher? If so, do you require us to complete a credit application with you?
Are you able to accept faxed or emailed copies of our vouchers (should our guest be unable to print these out whilst "on the road"?) If so, please advise fax number or email address where these should be sent.
Please upload a copy of your logo and also a photo representing each of the products you wish to promote through our CanaDream Club program.
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We acknowledge that we wish to become a CanaDream Club Partner and agree to either pay CanaDream a listing fee of $125.00 plus tax and offer a discount to CanaDream Guests when they show their CanaDream key tag, or we will offer net or commissionable rates to CanaDream as part of our partnership. (CanaDream will contact you to obtain these rates). We agree to the terms and conditions.