Nothing makes us happier than to have a Happy Guest! 


Peter and Sandra M, Canberra, Australia

"Pleasureway van was fantastic. Bed very comfortable. Loved Edith Cavell Glacier and walks around Lake Louise, Angus lake and Five Glaciers. Fantastic!"

Blankert H., Maarssen, Holland

"We had a very good time with your RV. Very comfortable for 2 persons. Only 1 thing surprised us very much. Why spill so much fuel? Next time we will rent a diesel for sure! You Canadians are so proud of your country and so busy with environment and pollution!!"

Wanda C and Rick P, Calgary, AB

"CanaDream Rocks!!! We had the best trip ever – unit was fantastic – roads were great – travelled north to Athabasca – Great fishing, bears and scenery. Will do again."

The Newell Family, Nottingham, UK

"Fantastic holiday and RV. Watch out for bears at Lake Louise campground, buy a lot of mosquito repellent and eat at The Grizzly House in Banff if you like new experiences.  We called our RV 'Harvey, it was great. Thanks a lot."

The Ball Family, Garden Village, Saudi Arabia

"We enjoyed our holiday with the RV and we hope to do it again."

The Jacobs Family, Germany

"Nice and friendly staff. Great shuttle service. Very clean and comfortable RV. Having and umbrella above side door would be perfect!"

The Snedker Family, Buxtehude, Germany

"It was such a great tour with the RV! The service was very good, as good as the cleanliness!"

Steger J, Holland

"It was a great trip and a very good RV, Thanks!"

Takahashi Family, Japan

"It was a nice trip. We enjoyed driving through Canada together. It was the 50 marriage anniversary. Thank you so much for your help."

Wiersma, The Netherlands

"We had a very good trip, a beautiful country. We like the van we did rent. It was very clean and drove very well. All was comfortable."

Ursula and Jakob F, Switzerland

"We had a good time during our 3 weeks in Canada's National Parks – they're awesome. Be aware of bears – we have seen many of them! CanaDream can be recommended!"

Roman W

"It was an awesome experience! The slide-out was golden! Best ground: Tuukwa!"

Paul H, London, England

"Amazing trip! Loved Whistler and Lake Louise. RV was spacious and comfortable – slide was excellent. Elk(x5) Goats(x2 groups) Bear(x13)

Simon F and Fabienne B, Switzerland

"We spent a great time in BC. Perfect van and service! Thank you!"

Molloy Family, Galway, Ireland

"Camper was extremely clean and the staff was very nice. Beds were very comfortable. BC RV was the best campsite we went to with a playground, indoor pool, games room and gym."

Scherer G, Switzerland

"Great wildlife, beautiful country."

D.E. Hoord

"From White Horse to Vancouver BC – take Hwy 37 and have a great time at the lakes, visit provincial parks, avoid commercial campsites and give the bears a hug!"

Hofer P.

"It was a great time with the motorhome and the guitar, singing songs in front of a lot of lakes in the parks."

Paul and Diane E., ON, Canada

"Great trip – nice to drive. Good service. We saw 7 bears, 1 moose, 2 elk, 2 deer. Travelling West was amazing!"

Justin F, Brisbane, Australia

"Great RV, heating is excellent. Love Canada. Thank you Canadream, very professional."

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