Nothing makes us happier than to have a Happy Guest!

Inabnit Edward & Eva, Switzerland

"Very nice trip (6 weeks), very nice camping. Vehicle, good for dining, perfect for living in it. We saw a lot of animals including grizzlies and black bears. We'll come back one day!"

Arguel Christian, France

"The perfect place to stay in the sunshine coast. The fisherman resorts in Garden Bay. Beautiful, nice people and perfect!"

Kurt Lammon, USA

"Vehicle was clean & flawless. We enjoyed our tour through the Rockies from Banff to Jasper, then our ride through BC, especially Mt. Robson and Lightning Lake. We'll be back!"

Frieden Kurt, Switzerland

"We had a nice holiday in Canada. Thank you for the friendly service"

Dan, Kristen, Jeannie & Stella Slamet, Victoria BC

"This is our 2nd year renting and we intended to make it a tradition! We loved Pearrygin Lake State Park on Hwy 20 in Washington State, also Rasar State Park. Fantastic, helpful, friendly service from CanaDream staff."

Andre Schmied

Everything worked out really good. Friendly staff, good service and Canada was great. It was our first time camping in a van, but definitely not the last one…! Thanks!"

Vieweg, Torsten, Claudia & Friede, Germany

"Wonderful trip, good weather, friendly people, saw many animals like bears, bald eagles, sealions and whales. Very good service at CanaDream office. See you soon!"

Jason Morris, UAE

"Excellent RV. Great service. Best Mattras Ever. Very comfortable. Best family vacation yet."

Tina Beattie, Houdou

"Amazing & best holiday of my life. I have always dreamed of a motorhome and my dream because a reality."

Gut Valentin, Switzerland

"Good instructions, friendly personnel."

Karl Haider, Germany

"Very good trip and beautiful country…hope to see you again."

Nico Eversen, Holland

"A perfect trip with a good camper."


Tampe Matthias, Ludwigsburg

"Perfect service, perfect staff, all the best we can get. You do your job as it must and this means personally, lovely, great. We book again-promised. Our special thanks to CanaDream.

G. Bouman, Holland

"B.C is a lovely country with many many kind people without any stress like in Holland. We'll come back again."

Amanda Chinnevy, Maidstone

"Highlight of trip was the wildlife. We saw bears with cubs in Banff & Jasper, elks with their calves, mountain goats, big horned sheep, squirrels and chipmunks. Oh, and bald headed eagles. It was great."

Ursula Steimer, Switzerland

"Everything worked well. Nice car, great experience."

Jeub Thomas/ Trauteudorfs Heffi

"Great service, thank you for a wonderful holiday"

Sandio Tiesch, Switzerland

"Everything was perfect, very friendly and helpful staff. We will recommend CanaDream to other people. Thanks a lot."

Rob Molenkamp, Holland

"Perfect service. Brand new camper(almost)."

Maxine Meek, Australia

"CanaDream have been easy to work with- we've had a wonderful adventure in our camper. Thank you."

Aebischer Pete-Annegret

"We had a very good trip during 5 weeks and we love Canada! CanaDream is a very good, organized company! Thank you for all!"

Mr. Roger Beesles, England

"The RV was in good condition and performed well on our trip. The heating and aircon system made the living condition excellent."

Hubinger Wolfgang, Austria

"Nice RV's, nice country, nice landscape, thanks a lot!"

Hiro Tsujimoto, Burnaby B.C

"Had an amazing trip. My only complaint is not enough time. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Overall experience was unforgettable."

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