April 10, 2019

There are many reasons why Canada is known for being one of the greatest countries in the world - beautiful scenery, friendly people, and a generally high quality of life all lend to why so many people are proud to call Canada home.
Whether you’re a born-and-raised Canadian or just passing through, there is always a new sight to see or place to explore. Here are some of the top points of interest in Canada and why everyone should visit them at least once.

Toronto, Ontario

CN Tower
One of Toronto’s most recognizable landmarks, the CN Tower offers some of the best views of the city. On an especially clear day, visitors claim to be able to see all the way to Niagara Falls from the tower’s observation deck. The CN Tower also offers incredible views of the city’s major stadiums, as well as the rest of downtown Toronto. If you visit, be sure to make dinner reservations at 360, the tower’s popular restaurant that allows guests to dine while enjoying an incredible view of the city below.

Toronto seen from Lake Ontario with the CN Tower as a landmark

Toronto Zoo
The Toronto Zoo is one of the most popular points of interest in the city. With over 5,000 animals from various regions of the world, the zoo allows visitors to interact with tons of different wildlife up-close. For families with small children, the zoo is the perfect place to teach your little ones about wildlife conservation and caring for animals. The zoo even offers various camp programs geared towards children, as well as themed programs for adults.

Casa Loma
Casa Loma is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful landmarks in Toronto. The Gothic-style castle was built in the early 1900s for Henry Pellatt, a wealthy financier around the turn of the century. Today, Casa Loma operates as a museum and tourist attraction, with many popular movies having been filmed there as well. The castle is also a popular wedding venue and also houses Blue Blood Steakhouse, making it one of the most versatile and in-demand spots in the city.

Casa Loma

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal Botanical Garden
Visiting the Montreal Botanical Garden will make you feel as if you’ve stepped into a fairytale! The large garden covers 190 acres of land and is considered one of the best botanical gardens in the world. The Montreal Botanical Garden features several different gardens, including Chinese and Japanese gardens which feature plants from their respective countries. For anyone looking for a serene outdoor experience in Montreal, the Botanical Garden is a must-visit.

Jean-Talon Market and the Botanical Gardens

Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History
The Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History, or Pointe-à-Callière, is one of the most visited National Historic Sites in Canada. The museum boasts archaeological remains from the city’s past, making it home to one of the largest archaeological collections in all of Canada. Current exhibitions in the museum include “Into the Wonder Room”, an exhibit featuring thousands of oddities from around the world, and “La Petite Vie”, a unique experience that lets fans of the sketch comedy show get up close and personal with items from the show!

Jean-Talon Market
For Montrealers, there is no better place to pick up some fresh produce than the Jean-Talon Market. On weekends, the market is packed with people, all in search of the best locally-grown fruits and vegetables. Aside from produce, cheeses, bread, and eggs can also be found at the Jean-Talon Market, making it a great one-stop shop for locals. During peak hours, the market often offers free cooking demos and tastings, so be sure to check in advance if you’re interested in these things.

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