From time to time, accidents do occur during your road trip. CanaDream is here to assist you during this time/

If anyone is injured in the accident, please call 911 to obtain immediate assistance.

We require you to record all details of the accident, including as many photos as possible of all noticeable damage to all involved vehicles and any fixed objects or property, using either the paper forms in the blue wallet in your RV or by reporting to us online.  You are also required to notify us of the accident within 24 hours by phone, email or online.

If your accident involves damage to a third party vehicle, you are always required to notify the police within 24 hours  and obtain a police report - there are no exceptions to this requirement.

If your accident involves damage to third party property other than another vehicle, you are required to report that accident to the third party and then, if necessary, obtain a police report within 24 hours.

Please use the following links if you wish to report your accident to CanaDream online: