CanaDream Motorhome Relocation Specials

As a national RV rental company with 7 locations across Canada, we sometimes need to move vehicles to a specific destination to meet our rental needs. On these occasions, we offer heavily discounted relocation specials on our website. Please read the FAQs below regarding relocation specials and, when you are ready to book a vehicle, contact our friendly reservations team. *Note that for most relocation specials, additional nights may be available at our regular rates.

Pick Up Location Pick Up Time Pick Up Date
On or after:
Drop Off Location
Drop Off Date
No later than:
Drop Off Time
Vehicle Type
Incl. Km
Book it!
13:00-16:00 1 May
7 Jun
10:00 ROF**

$75.00 per night for up to 21 nights* 3200
13:00-16:00 1 Apr
28 May
10:00 ROF4 $75.00 per night for up to 21 nights* 5000
Calgary 13:00-16:00  1 May
Vancouver  28 May
10:00 ROF**

$75.00 per night for up to 14 nights* 1600
Halifax 13:00-16:00 1 May
10 June
10:00 SVC $85.00 per night for up to 14 nights* 2400

** While you will have the opportunity to choose ROF2 or ROF4 when you book, we cannot guarantee that the vehicle you receive at pick up will be in your chosen ROF category. Where ROF (without a 2 or 4 after it) is shown as the vehicle type, you agree to take any vehicle provided to you when you pick up your RV, regardless of the ROF category shown on your booking. Please provide us with the number of people travelling when you make your booking. We guarantee that the RV provided at pick up will have enough beds for the number of Guests travelling.

To book a relocation:
Email: booking@canadream.com
Phone us at 1-888-480-9726 / 1-925-255-8383 

Book online by clicking on the Book link on this page
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by following us on Twitter: @CanaDreamRV 

Please note our cancellation policy regarding Relocation Specials:

Our normal cancellation policy does not apply to these Hot Deals.  Full payment is required at time of booking and there is no refund should you decide to cancel for any reason.  

RV Relocation FAQs

Do you have a relocation waiting list?
The popularity of our relocation specials mean it would be very difficult for us to maintain an up to date relocation waiting list. Our rental vehicle relocation page is updated daily, so the best way to track available relocation specials is by bookmarking this page and visiting it on a regular basis.

Who pays for the fuel?
Fuel is to be paid for by the person doing the relocation.  Occasionally we may include a small fuel allowance in a relocation and, if applicable, this will be shown under the included kilometres in the Relocation List.

Can I request a specific relocation?
CanaDream relocation specials are made available as a result of our rental requirements. Therefore, we cannot offer any special not posted on our relocation page.

How many days can I have the RV at the special relocation rate?
CanaDream offers a certain number of days at the heavily discounted relocation rate. The number of days and kilometres are determined by the route you are travelling. Subject to availability, you may be able to hire the vehicle for additional days at our regular rate. Extra kilometres driven are charged at $0.39 per kilometre on vehicle return. For full details, see our Terms and Conditions.

Is insurance included for these relocations?
These relocation specials are subject to the same terms and conditions as our regular rentals.  Insurance is included in the rental cost.  An insurance deposit of $750.00 ($1,500.00 for drivers 21-24 years) is required on a major credit card at pick-up and will be processed.  This deposit will be refunded at drop-off provided that the vehicle is returned in the same condition as it was received and not involved in any accident claims.

Are there any additional charges?
Our relocation specials include convenience kits, US driving and one additional driver. You must pay for:

  • any additional kilometres travelled over the included allowance
  • fuel, campground fees
  • any other costs not included as part of the relocation deal.



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