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Capilano Suspension Bridge

Vancouver RV Parks provide an ideal mix of city meets country

Ahh summer! After a long winter, it’s almost here! The weather is warm, the scenery is at its spectacular best and there’s a buzz all around as you meet and exchange stories with others you meet on your travels.

Our family's vacations always centre around an RV and this summer will see us British Columbia bound. Starting out in Vancouver, we'll experience many of the "must do" attractions around the city while soaking in the country vibe of one of the many RV parks in the Greater Vancouver area.

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Totem pole in British Columbia

Take part in one of the many celebrations happening across Canada!

July 1, 2017 will mark Canada's 150th birthday and the sesquicentennial is as good an excuse as any to get involved and discover the unique culture that is Canada while taking your RV out for an adventure.Whether you’re looking to take part in smaller community events or national celebrations, there will be plenty for you to explore.

Here’s a small peek into some of the festivities you can take part in while experiencing Canada at your own pace in an RV.

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Beautiful Nova Scotia


Discover why an RV vacation makes travelling so easy

Ever dreamed of touring around Canada?You’re not alone.From the beaches of the west coast, across the spectacular beauty of the prairies, to the rich heritage of the eastern provinces, Canada boasts some of the world’s best vistas.  

Now, imagine doing all that while having the ability to stop where and when you want, doing what you want, and meeting an eclectic group of people along the way.Taking a vacation in an RV, motorhome or trailer gives you the freedom and ability to make it a reality!  

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Snow Covered RV on a Winter Ski Vacation - Credit: Andrew Penner

Search for the best snow conditions with the freedom to move from resort to resort in a winter RV.

The forecast for the night — especially if you like magnanimous mounds of powder (I do) — was promising. The app on my phone said 33 centimetres was in the cards. But, sleeping like bugs in a big furnace-warmed rug (that would be our cosy CanaDream RV, which was parked about 50 metres from the main lift at the Kimberley Alpine Resort), we never noticed the puke-job that transpired. When I woke up with nary a noise for eight hours, I had no reason to believe that the a-pow-colypse had occurred.

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Family enjoying time around the campfire

RV relocations offer some of the best budget exploration vacations.

Our family loves adventure! We take off in an RV every chance we get. The great Canadian outdoors is always beckoning, regardless of the time of year. As a family with young kids, we prefer to travel in the shoulder seasons to avoid the inevitable crowds in campgrounds and at attractions during the peak months of July and August.

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Making maple taffy in the snow

Experience some of Canada's oldest traditions at your own pace!

Ever been to a Sugar Shack? This is one activity that’s on our family’s “to do” list each year. It’s part of an eastern Canada tradition – signaling the end of winter and the promise of sunny days to come!The ‘sugaring’ runs from around mid February to late April depending on the weather but, like the fall colours, there’s really no way of knowing the exact dates.

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