Additional Rental Items

What can I expect to find in a CanaDream "Convenience Kit"?

We design our convenience kits for guests based on groupings from one up to six guests. Please click on the appropriate link below to see what will be included in your kit package:

What are some of the additional items I can rent?

You can rent:

  • Lawn Chairs ($10.00 each per rental),
  • Bike Racks for 4 bikes ($50.00 per rental and only with our MH-A, MH-B and SVC vehicles).
  • Child Seats ($40.00 each per rental).
  • Toaster ($12.00 each per rental)
  • Portable GPS Navigation System ($10.00 per night - maximum $100.00 per rental)

For rentals during winter months the following items may be available:

  • Chains
  • Electric Heater
  • Vent pillows

Do you rent child seats?

Yes. We are happy to provide child seats for our guests at a small fee. During peak season these may be in short supply so we suggest you book these prior to your arrival or bring your own with you. We don't rent portable cribs, strollers or playpens, however our reservations department may be able to give you the name and phone number of companies who can assist with this.

 Are bike rentals available?

We are able to refer you to mountain bike rental stores in Vancouver and Calgary only. Sorry, this option is not available for one-way rentals. The approximate cost per bike is $100.00 per week.

What does the Preparation Fee include?

This fee includes transfers to and from the airport & airport area hotels (except in Montreal where a $90 return fee applies), and vehicle preparation (first supply of propane and toilet chemicals).