Welcome to Canada!

We are happy to welcome Guests from all over Canada and the world. We may be biased, but we believe travelling in an RV is the best way to experience Canada.

CanaDream Cares - Our priorities are to ensure our Guests travel safely, our Crew work in a safe and fun environment and that we respect our great country.  

We are working hard to reduce our impact on the environment, to reduce emissions, energy and water saving, remove single use plastics, reduce waste to landfill and introduce recycling programs in our stations. We encourage our Guests to follow us on this mission, to care about Canada as much as we do.


RV with Respect


Drive carefully - Respect speed limits.

Camp with consideration ... leave no trace.

Protect Canada ... for future generations of travellers.

Embrace our cultures ... be kind and respectful.

Reduce, recycle and reuse as you travel through Canada.

Use correct garbage cans ... check before you throw away.

Conserve water - Take short showers and fill up the sink.

Prevent fires ... Follow local guidelines.

Empty tanks at proper dump stations.

Be wildlife aware! Observe from a distance and stay in your RV when you see wildlife.

Being Future Fit

We are on a mission to make changes to our business that will have a positive impact on our environment.  From the simplest of actions to bigger business matters … we will leave no stone unturned as we build on our long-term strategy to be Future Fit.

Learn about Future Fit

Sustainable RV Tourism

RVing with respect is more than just having consideration for your fellow travellers.  It's also about travelling in an eco-friendly way by reducing your environmental impact while still enjoying the pleasures this popular mode of travel brings. 

Learn about Sustainable RV Tourism

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CanaDream Club Partners

Our ethos in the Club is to promote Canadian products and destinations that are aligned with our sustainability ethos and Future fit goals. You will find our club partners are working hard to promote:

Eco Tourism

Eco Tourism encompasses sustainable tourism which is low impact and locally oriented.

Eco Fees

Eco fees support environment focused projects and initiatives which improve sustainability.


Supporting sustainable and environment friendly practices though memberships and certifications with leading 'green' organizations.

Campers Code

The Campers Code is a set of 9 rules to encourage responsible camping and this code has been adopted by many CanaDream Club campgrounds.
Find out more here

Hygiene Measures

We take great pride in our hygiene standards to ensure your RV is in perfect condition for your road trip.


Being Prepared

Researching your RV trip is crucial, especially if you haven't had this type of vacation before. There's way more to it than you imagine.   RVs are machines and need managing, so we encourage all our Guests to watch the demo video and read the information on your RV -
That way we know we'll have lots of happy campers!



Watch our demo videos.

Guest Guides

Read through our Guest Guides and understand how the components in your RV work.


Check out our blogs.

RV Information

Check out our First Time RV-ing information for additional help.

Planning your trip

CanaDream has amazing resources to help you make the most of your planning time.

Use our helpful Destinations information to learn about Canada. 

Research your perfect journey using our tailor-made RV trip itineraries.

Plan your campsites, attractions and much more using our CanaDream Club.  When you book with us, you automatically become a CanaDream Club member for the duration of your RV vacation.

Have questions?  Visit our FAQ section or search for topics using the Search button on our website.
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CanaDream is proud to be a recognized #SafeTravels company.

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