What is Campertunity?

Campertunity is a website where you can book a campsite on private land, Canada-wide. Explore picturesque private land that provides a true Canadian camping experience with private waterfronts, lush rainforests, private trails, and history that dates back for generations.

Man fishing on a lake with hills in background

What makes Campertunity Camping different from other camping?

Be greeted by local Canadians who are keen to share their land with you and often provide you with experiences such as horseback riding, hiking tours, canoeing, and biking.

Child on horsebak by a lake with boats in foreground

How do I find Campertunity Campsites?

Easily search, browse and book at www.campertunity.com to find your perfect campsite, wherever your RV may take you. 

Camping by the side of a quiet lake with white rowboat beside tent