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Winter RVing is a magical experience. Waking up in a winter wonderland of fluffy snow while warm and cozy in your winter RV under a nice warm duvet is heavenly! After a nice cup of hot chocolate you can get ready and be on your favourite ski hill or cross-country trail in a matter of minutes!

Our winter RVs have customized features, including a high efficiency furnace, generator, four coach batteries, an interior winter cab blanket and vent pillows, that make your motorhome safe in virtually any winter conditions. Insulated fresh water and heated waste tanks enable full use of water (shower, sink and toilet) in temperatures as low as -30C.

What are some of the advantages of winter RV rentals?

  • Freedom to choose your location
  • Abundance of stars in the night sky
  • Crisp, clean, bright, snowy, sunny days
  • Enjoy the silence of a snowfall
  • Follow the snow
  • Your RV is a ski chalet on wheels
  • Enjoy the warmth of hot springs surrounded by snow covered mountains.

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Sleeps 4 Adults
Sleeps 2 Children
Engine Size
Interior Height

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Features Include

  • Insulated, heated holding tanks
  • 30,000 BTU furnace
  • Arctic Pack
  • Full use of water and other facilities in temperatures as low as -30C
  • Four coach batteries
  • Winter itineraries available
  • Vent pillows
  • Winter campground guide
  • Insulated curtains
  • CanaDream Club winter discounts
  • Fleece sheets
  • Generator
  • Preferential parking at selected ski resorts
  • All-season tires rated for Mud & Snow (M&S)*. Chains are also provided for winter travel where required by law.


Click the play button in the image on the left to explore this RV in 3D space.

* Mud and snow tires are all-season tires which have been approved for use in both muddy and snowy conditions by the Rubber Manufacturer's Association.



  • 6 seatbelts (2 in cab, 4 in coach)
  • Approx. 208L (55 US gal) fuel capacity
  • Automatic transmission
  • Gas (Petrol) engine
  • Power steering & cruise control
  • Length: 8.5m (28 feet)
  • Radio
  • Dash air conditioning
  • USB and 12V charging ports

  • 3 burner propane cook top
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Cupboard space
  • 3-way refrigerator/freezer
  • Sink with hot and cold water

  • Auto ignite water heater
  • 12/110V electricity
  • 30,000 BTU auto ignite furnace
  • Window screens
  • Private bathroom with toilet, shower and sink
  • 167L (44 US gal) freshwater tank
  • Deep cycle RV coach batteries


  • Sleeps 4 adults and 2 small children
  • 1 queen bed 60" x 74" (152 x 188 cm)
  • 1 super single dinette bed 41" x 66" (104 x 168 cm)
  • 2 overcab beds 30" x 71" (76 x 180 cm)

Instructional Videos

  Our Instructional Videos are currently available for viewing in FrenchGerman, Dutch and English.

Full length version »
Welcome to CanaDream »
Fresh Water Fill and City Water Hookup »
Electrical Hookup »
Emptying the Waste Tanks »
Propane »
Sitting in the Driver's Seat »
Oil and Gas »
Stovetop and Oven »
Operating the Fridge »
Operating the Furnace »
Roof Air Conditioner »
Monitor Panel »
Hot Water System »
Operating the Slideout »
Operating the Generator »
Converting the Dinette »
Thank you for being our Guest »

Guest Guides

Guest Guides are available online to complement our instructional videos.  These Guides contain comprehensive information about operating all of the components in your chosen RV.  Printed copies of these Guides will also be given to you when you pick up your RV.


Floor Plan

Daytime Nighttime


Layouts may vary within the MHA category and this specific layout cannot be guaranteed.


Layouts may vary within the MHA category and this specific layout cannot be guaranteed.

What can I do on a Winter RV vacation?

A winter RV vacation will allow you endless opportunities to experience the true beauty and fun of a Canadian winter with family and friends. Choose your favorite winter activity; downhill skiing, snow shoeing , cross-country skiing, dog sledding, snowboarding, tobogganing, skating and snowmobiling, to name a few, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Embark on a Winter Ski Safari

There's nothing like having your own ski chalet on wheels.  Ski resorts across Canada are ready to welcome you and an RV gives you the ability to chase the powder and experience multiple ski resorts on an epic winter vacation.  Learn more about taking a CanaDream Ski Safari here.

Fun Winter Vacations with CanaDream

Chasing the snow in a CanaDream RV, four guys from the other side of the world find spectacular scenery and places to have fun in the snow on their winter RV vacation in the Canadian Rockies.

Winter RVing in a CanaDream RV is FUN!

CanaDream's fleet of winter RVs are perfect for storm skiing and other winter adventures. View the video to see others enjoying a winter RV trip and become inspired to experience the beauty of a Canadian winter at your own pace ...

Destination Whistler, BC!

Hit the road for Whistler, BC with four guys experiencing the freedom and convenience  of a winter RV adventure.

Helpful information for your winter RV vacation

Winter is a magical time to take an RV vacation.  Highways are mainly clear but it's important to be aware of weather and road conditions which may change quickly.  Your RV is custom-built for the Canadian winter, but there are still precautions you need to take to ensure your winter vacation is trouble free.

Safe Winter Driving in a CanaDream RV

Download our Helpful Tips for Safe Winter Driving in a CanaDream RV in English, French, German and Dutch.

Freeze Damage Precautions for Winter RVing

If you are travelling in one of our winter units during sub-zero temperatures, you will be able to utilize the water; however, there are precautions you still need to take.

Download our Freeze Damage Precautions information sheet in EnglishFrench, German and Dutch.

Suggested Winter Itineraries

Winter Campgrounds

Use the interactive map below to learn more about the campgrounds that remain open for the winter season. The blue icons represent CanaDream Club partners, many of whom offer a 10% discount to CanaDream Guests. We recommend that Guests call ahead to confirm availability.

Don't take our word for it

See what others have to say about their RV vacations in Canada in our MHA Maxi Motorhome.

Drive Safely in North America

View our video for tips about driving safely as you experience Canada and North America at your own pace.  Our video is available in English, French, and German.

View the Video

Travel Tips

Download the Canadream Club App!

The Canadream Club App can be downloaded through iOS or Android devices. It will allow you to communicate with CanaDream and access CanaDream Club discounts.

Managing the resources of the RV

Check Monitor Panel readings regularly. Careful usage and monitoring of RV resources as you use them avoids problems. Always be aware of the rate at which you are using fresh water, propane, available 12 Volt power and waste tank capacity. 

Read the pump! Know your fuel!

The RV has a gasoline/petrol or diesel engine. DO NOT FILL IT WITH THE WRONG FUEL!


Be aware of obstacles inside and outside of the RV when operating the slide. Do not, under any circumstance, drive with the slide in the OUT position. 


RVs are much taller than conventional vehicles. At least 3.7m (12 feet) of clearance is required. There are units on the roof such as the air conditioner, solar panels and vents that add height. Consider height when approaching: gasoline/petrol stations, under passes, tunnels, bridges, toll booths. The RV will not fit in parking garages or in drive-thru lanes.

Always use a spotter!

Before getting in the driver’s seat, always observe the area around the RV. A car, bicycle, person or tree branch may be behind, near the top, or beside the RV and remain unseen until it’s too late. There are blind spots that must be checked when parking or backing up.

Tail Swing

The RV has a larger turning radius and will require more room than an automobile. Always reduce speed before turning and watch for tail swing.


Always schedule the next Sani-Dump before reaching full. Using the campsite or other public facilities will extend the time between draining the tanks.