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Book with confidence for 2021 with our Flexible Cancellation policy. No one wants to cancel a much longed for vacation, but if you need to cancel your travel plans in 2021, we will provide a full refund for bookings cancelled up to 15 days before pick-up.

Whether it's in your own province, further afield or a cross country adventure... we are looking forward to welcoming both Domestic and International Guests again. We want to show you the safety and hygiene measures that we have introduced, and maybe have always done, but they never needed explaining before.

#CanaDreamCares ... it's what we do.

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Hygiene Measures

We have always taken pride in our hygiene standards and we’ve taken them to the next level in scrutiny and precision. Click the button below to read all about it.


Being Prepared

Researching your RV trip is crucial, especially if you haven't had this type of vacation before. There's way more to it than you imagine.   RVs are machines and need managing, so we encourage all our Guests to watch the demo video and read the information on your RV -
That way we know we'll have lots of happy campers!


Watch our demo videos.

Guest Guides

Read through our Guest Guides and understand how the components in your RV work.


Check out our blogs.

RV Information

Check out our First Time RV-ing information for additional help.

Planning your trip

CanaDream has amazing resources to help you make the most of your planning time.

Use our helpful Destinations information to learn about Canada. 

Research your perfect journey using our tailor-made RV trip itineraries.

Plan your campsites, attractions and much more using our CanaDream Club.  When you book with us, you automatically become a CanaDream Club member for the duration of your RV vacation.

Find out the most up-to-date information on provincial restrictions during COVID and know where you can travel here.


We know these times are challenging so that’s why we have very generous payment options and a fair cancellation policy. When you make a booking with us, we’ll tell you your cancellation policy relevant to your travel dates… so that you can see clearly what they are.



Have a question… you’ll find the answer in our comprehensive FAQ section. Type in the key word and see if we can solve your query. If not let us know…we like a challenge!



CanaDream is proud to be a recognized #SafeTravels company.

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