April 13, 2018 // By Jane Clarke

An RV trip is the perfect way to discover Canada but, if you're new to the RVing world, there are a few things you can do to prepare for your first RV road trip. If you live in Canada and plan to take many RV vacations, it might be beneficial to buy an RV but this won’t be a practical option if live outside Canada. Your best bet would be to rent an RV for that holiday you’ve always dreamed about.
Plan Your Itinerary - Don’t be too ambitious, especially if this is your first RVing holiday. Your trip will be enjoyable and relaxing if you drive for short distances and stop regularly. We recommend you travel no more than 200-250km a day. If you want to explore an area you are not familiar with, look for online itineraries and ask other RVers for advice. Map out your itinerary to make sure you have enough time on your holiday to see everything on your wishlist. CanaDream has a number of pre-planned itineraries available on their website to assist you with planning your tour route.

The CanaDream Club App can be downloaded for free and used to assist in planning your travel route.

Find Campgrounds In Advance - You can easily find RV campgrounds online and decide where you will stop during your trip. Check the amenities available, and book a spot in advance. Booking your campground in advance will ensure you have a place to stay, even if you arrive late in the day. Mark all the RV campgrounds on your map to easily find them. If you decide to park your RV in the wild, find out where you can legally do so. You will still have to stop at a few campgrounds to dump your black water tank and fill up your fresh water tank.

Food And Water - Figure out how much food and water you can pack inside of your RV. Choose foods you can easily stack to save room. Identify the places where you will be able to stock up on food and fresh water along your travel route. You should also figure out a budget for purchasing food and bottled water.

The convenience of having a fridge in your RV means you can make your own meals while experiencing Canada at your own pace!

Plan Your Activities - Consider bringing some bicycles with you so you can easily explore the areas around the campgrounds where you will be staying at. CanaDream rents bike racks which can be attached to our MHXMHA, MHB, MHC and SVC type vehicles. Take the weather into consideration when planning your activities, and make sure you bring the right gear if you plan on hiking or fishing during your trip.

Enjoy your vacation, wherever your adventure leads you.

Your RVing holiday in Canada will be a success if you take the time to plan your itinerary and activities. Ask other RVers for some advice if this is your first trip or talk to the knowledgeable Guest Service agents at CanaDream.

This blog post is written by Jane Clarke, a freelance writer.  This article provides readers with information about preparing for their RV road trip.

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