April 19, 2021

With winter behind us and months of being shut indoors due to the cold and the Covid, Canadians are flooding campground reservation sites and planning summer holidays using the safest option available – an RV vacation!

In a recent survey conducted by Abacus Data for RVEzy, highlighting the impact of COVID-19 on 2021 travel plans, RVing and camping were ranked as the safest travel option in 2021 with more than 70% of Canadians considering this type of vacation as not risky.

According to David Coletto, CEO of Abacus Data, “Our survey results show that Canadians consider RVing and Camping are up to three times safer than other types of accommodations such as staying in a hotel”.

There's an itch to get out and enjoy fresh air in safe, open spaces, and the likelihood that Canadians will take a road trip this summer is up 5 percentage points over 2020, while intent to fly or stay in a hotel is down.  The pandemic has given Canadians the opportunity to tick close-to-home destinations off their bucket lists, and an increasing number are becoming curious about the possibility of doing so in an RV. The Abacus data survey found that one in three Canadians who said they had never before thought RVing was right for them are now open to it.

Canadians are fortunate to be residents of a country with so much outdoor space. A survey conducted among Americans by travel insurance company Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection, ranked Canada as the world’s safest place to travel, with millennials, middle-aged and mature travellers all in agreement.

While vaccination efforts are ramping up across Canada, it will still be some time before social distancing and masking restrictions are lifted. An RV vacation ticks all the boxes for spending time outdoors in a socially distanced manner, avoiding crowds and having no quarantine requirements before or after your trip.

Many Canadians are lucky enough to own an RV or trailer but, for those who don’t, there are numerous locations from which to rent an RV in major cities across Canada. RVs come in many sizes, accommodating singles or couples in a campervan or truck camper to families in a full-size Class C motorhome.

Campground reservations in national and provincial parks might be hard to find in 2021 but free camping sites exist in all provinces, and many private campsites are dotted across the country. CanaDream Club partner campgrounds look forward to welcoming CanaDream Guests as they discover for themselves, why RVing is the safest travel option in 2021.

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