April 21, 2023

Imagine flying with a floatplane through one of the world’s most majestic sceneries, the Nahanni Range. Simpson Air is here to make this possible.

You are gliding through steep canyons and valleys and set eye on places very few people have seen before. In a gentle turn you look down on the mighty Virginia Falls, twice as high and powerful than Niagara. You may spot a moose, dall sheep or bear - afterwards, soak it all in and visit the natural hot springs.

With Simpson Air, you can experience all of this and more when you participate in one of their “flightseeing” excursions into the famous Nahanni National Park, UNESCO's very first World Heritage Site

Nahanni is one of the largest National Parks in Canada, and with over 30,000 square kilometres about the same size as the country of Belgium … but with no road and no people!

Simpson Air is located in Fort Simpson in the Northwest Territories, about a day’s drive from the Alaska Highway & Highway 77 junction.

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