April 10, 2024

 An unforgettable tour in the heart of the planet’s only inland temperate rainforest
Here we feel a world away from not only the daily pressures of life but also a world away from the recent events. Here we share mountain ranges of space with only you and the wildlife that have been here for


This is where the freshest & healthiest air on earth exists! Water from snow-capped peaks and glaciers
melts into streams, rivers and waterfalls. Both cool air and ice cold water soak up just-made oxygen as they filter through the rainforest. That’s where we take the time to soak it all in!


Breathe, feel, watch, and experience giant-sized views and hopefully some giant-sized wildlife as well. Every excursion is different and we never know when or what we will find for animals. The big goal is to see a grizzly bear in the water, however, the most common sighting is his much friendlier cousin, the black bear. And while grizzly, black bear, and moose often share unforgettable moments of battle, romance, motherhood and survival, not every visit finds wildlife.


Often the subject of countless photos are the snow and ice-capped mountains that are quilted within one of the planet’s only inland temperate rainforests. This unique mountainous rainforest exists hundreds of kilometres from any ocean and stands out as one of the biggest producers of wild food. The combination of greenery, mushrooms, insects, and most importantly, berries, makes it one of the most successful bear habitats on earth!

River Safari is a CanaDream Club partner. CanaDream Guests can enjoy a discounted rates when they book their experience in advance through CanaDream Club.

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