August 25, 2020

Explore the Broughton Archipelago with Palyn Water Taxi and take a tour with them through the many inlets and secluded channels to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the North Island waters.

Or are you rather in for a “do it yourself” excursion ? Than get dropped off on a secluded beach for the day and take it all in. Or, just book a boat ride fo a few hours down Johnstone Straight to see what lays beyond the horizon.

Palyn Water Taxi vessels have seating for 12 passengers each and room for all your personal gear. Reliably get your group, your gear and your supplies to and from your destination. The boats are equipped with kayak racks that can accommodate 4-6 kayaks each and provide easy off load bow access. Quickly get supplies and other shipments you need to keep your trip going strong with our freight service in the waters of Northern Vancouver Island.

If you hire a Palyn water taxi, make sure to visit Alert Bay, home of the Namgis First Nations. and drop by the Cultural Centre which houses the native masks and artifacts.

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