December 23, 2023

Creating meaningful and fulfilling moments with family is a value CanaDream shares with our Guests. We also understand the importance in finding enjoyable outdoor experiences that won’t break the bank.

This holiday season, enjoy fun and affordable activities guaranteed to clear cabin-fever and make merry memories!

As schools close for winter break, hordes of parents face one pressing question from children:
"What can I do? I’m bored!”

While some fortunate families travel to festive ski villages and partake in vacation packages to tropical destinations over Christmas break, most Canadian parents seek budget-friendly ways to keep themselves and their little ones engaged in outdoor winter activities and in the holiday spirit.

After your crew has returned from finding the perfect tree and your cruise around the neighourhood to ogle at sparkly Christmas lights is complete, what is next on the family fun adventure list?
We have ten terrific answers. 

Ready, Set, Go ... In the Snow

Outdoor skating: A treasured classic in outdoor winter family fun! Research where your local skating ponds are or make a special day trip with a picnic lunch to a new location. Skate rentals are often very affordable, ranging between $5 to $15 dollars per rental, and are easy to find with a quick online search! 

Create a December holiday photo scavenger hunt: Create a list of ‘treasures’ commonly found outside during the winter holiday season and let your loved ones’ creativity run wild as they capture photo images of items on a list. 
Items may include –
An outdoor decorated Christmas tree                     
Homemade decorations                                          
Someone doing something nice                             
Someone spotted doing something naughty          
A snow angel                                                          
Someone wearing a Christmas sweater 
A star

Festively decorated vehicle
Something with antlers
An icicle

Go winter camping as a family – Enjoy your holiday break in a Certified winter-ready CanaDream camper! Enjoy bundling up and drinking hot cocoa under the stars and singing carols around a roaring fire. 

Host a snow sculpture competition – Invite neighbours and friends to enjoy an afternoon creating larger-than-life sculptures and award winners in creative categories. Enjoy candy-cane hot chocolate and snacks around a bonfire at a local park.

Ice fishing – Anyone up for a lake-day and potentially, a feast of fresh fish? Research the lakes in your area and learn which bodies of water are safe and popular for ice fishing. Online fishing forums, town or city specific social media pages and other online community organizations may provide information on updated ice thickness, advisories and best locations on lakes providing safe access for you and your family. Remember to bring an auger (large hand-operated or gas-powered ice drill), which will be required to create your fishing hole. If you do not have one, consider borrowing one from a neighbour for the day or from a friendly fisherperson on the lake, as augers can be costly. If the lake is a popular location for ice fishing, you will more than likely locate a previously created hole with partial re-freezing. Using a hammer, heavy metal pole or small camping hatchet can assist you in breaking through the ice that will have formed over the top layer.

Bringing a fishing tent, hut, or tarp to fish under will add warmth and excitement to the day; fish swimming below will be visible through the fishing hole and create thrills as they jet towards the hook. Remember to dress warm, have a warm beverage in hand, and consider bringing hot soup or a chili lunch in thermoses. Having extra mitts and toques on hand is adviseable; hats occasionally fall off while hunched over the hole and mitts get wet while collecting your catch from the hole!  

Cross-country skiing – Nothing beast the feeling of swishing through fresh powder or following gorgeous, groomed trails while you explore a winter wonderland on two skis. Cross country ski areas in regional, provincial, and national parks are most often free (with associate park fees) or are access by donation, this sport on two skis is significantly more affordable than downhill skiing’s costly ticket prices Outdoor enthusiasts can find cross-country ski rentals at sport shops for between $20 and $35 dollars per day (depending on your location) which will include skis, boots, and poles. Occasionally this equipment can be found second-hand at reasonable prices. If cross-country skiing isn’t of interest, consider renting snowshoes to experience this iconic winter sport with a rich Canadian history.  

Fat-biking – Enjoying the fresh-air freedom on two wheels is no longer just a spring, summer and fall sport! Riding a fat-bike, which features extra-wide and deep tread tires, is growing in popularity, an excellent way to get exercise, and enjoy wonderful winter views during the snowy season. Rentals are available at bike or sports shops and will cost approximately $25 an hour or $60 per day per bike.  

Sledding – There is always one special hill excited children and families flock to when snow falls. Most everyone enjoys the tingle in the tummy and rush as one glides down to the bottom, squealing and laughing. Sleds and light weight ‘Turbo Carpets’ are often affordable at large retailers, starting at $6. Sled-seekers may also want to inquire with friends and neighbours about borrowing a toboggan or sled and may consider searching around their garage or yard for a smooth-based material that may deliver thrills on the hill.  

Snowtubing- Snowtubing is a lot like sledding but offers a soft, cloud-like ride down the hill and guaranteed screams while you barrel down a mountainside at terrific rates. Snowtubing is an awesome family activity and somewhat more inclusive to people who may not have the ability, or struggle with, ascending hills. Many ski hills feature ‘tube-parks’, offering Guests a slow-moving ‘conveyor-belt’ system which carriers tube riders to the top of the hill so they may not tire as quickly. Tube park staff are often located at the top of the run, and at tubers’ request, will work to turn the tube in a spinning motion prior to the inflatable descending down the icy track. The experience is unlike any other as you fly in an exhilarating circular motion down the track, screaming and laughing, and then come to a safe and controlled stop by way of a small incline and soft structured fence at the bottom.  

Be a 'Snow Angel'- Shovel sidewalks and driveways for community seniors, people with reduced mobility and others who may appreciate the extra hand.  Younger children will be excited for a chance to secure their spot on Santa’s ‘Nice’ list in the event they suspect to be on the ‘Naughtier’ list option. All jokes aside, we guarantee your family will experience the spirit of community and the festive season while spending time with family in the frozen outdoors. Perhaps a fun and friendly snow-ball fight will ensure!  

The Happiest Holidays

 CanaDream wishes you, and those you covet, a safe, fun and memory-filled winter holiday. We look forward to partnering with you on your 2024 camping adventures, providing beautiful, high-quality, and comfortable camper options.
All you want for Christmas is a sunny, lake-side camping trip, you say? We have incredible early booking specials for 2024! Check out CanaDream’s blog on ‘National and Provincial Park Reservation Launch Dates’ and get the information you need to reserve your spot in Canada’s bucket-list camp sites.

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