February 1, 2021

With the current pandemic clipping our wings and authorities encouraging us to stay ‘local’, there’s never been a better opportunity for us all to discover the breathtaking sights and unique experiences available in own backyards.

Depending on which province you live in, that backyard may be anywhere between 50,000 to 1.7 million square kilometres in area, leaving you plenty of choices for a memorable ‘home grown’ vacation.

Hands down, we believe the best way to experience these expansive outdoor playgrounds is by RV. Motorhomes are not for everyone, so how do you know if an RV vacation is right for you?

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

Do I enjoy being outdoors amongst nature?

Consider what you enjoy most about a holiday. Are you a city vacationer or do you prefer getting away from it all – enjoying relative solitude on a trail miles from anywhere? If nature and isolation are to your liking, then an RV vacation might be right for you.

Is the journey as important as the destination?

Does discovering out of the way places excite you? An RV road trip is as much about what you see and explore along the way as your nightly destination. RV travel allows you to stop wherever and whenever you like, knowing that your bathroom, kitchen and bed are always with you.

Do I like camping?

If a negative answer to this question is based on childhood memories of sleeping on hard ground in a tent and freezing in your sleeping bag, you may think camping is not for you. Think again! Modern motorhomes and campers are equipped with air conditioning, heating, an indoor bathroom, a comfortable bed, and a fully equipped kitchen. This is camping in luxury.

Do I like my holidays plans to be a little spontaneous?

Are you a person who likes to change plans on the fly? If you stop somewhere you really enjoy, do you wish you could linger there a little longer? RV travel gives you the complete freedom to change your plans relative to location, weather and new discoveries.

Do I like to experience different places on the same trip?

If you are person who prefers variety when you travel, RVing is the way to go. Meander as you please, knowing you’ll be sleeping in the same bed every night and be surrounded by familiar things throughout your trip.

Do I like to travel with all the comforts of home?

RVing has you covered! With no baggage restrictions, travelling in an RV allows you to bring many of your favourite things with you. Surround yourself with the comforts of home while discovering the joys of a super convenient way to travel. Even the family dog can tag along.

Do I enjoy convenience?

Travelling by RV is convenient. Your vacation starts and ends at your house. No airline schedules to stick to, no hanging around in airports, no security line ups – you call all the shots. If the kids want to bring a few more toys, let them - and don't forget their bikes!

Do I prefer to cook my own meals or eat out on my vacation?

While eating out occasionally is usually part of our holiday plans, it can get expensive dining in restaurants every day. If you are a person who prefers to prepare your own meals, an RV vacation is the answer. Whether you enjoy outdoor BBQs by a campfire or favour the ‘dine-indoors’ option, a large refrigerator/freezer holds all the food you'll need, enabling you to prepare your favourite dishes with the comfort of your RV close by.

So, you’ve decided that an RV vacation is right for you. What next? Check out some Important things to know when renting an RV for guidance on choosing your RV rental company.  If you think that you’d like to own an RV or simply rent an RV, visit a nearby dealership or rental location to view the types of campers available.

Looking for ideas where to travel? Check out our trip planning suggestions.  First time RVer? No problem. Our Guide to Planning your First RV Trip has helpful information about what to expect.

There is an RV experience for everyone. No matter where you travel or who you travel with, an RV vacation is sure to leave you with great memories to share with loved ones on your return home.

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