February 8, 2024

Are you already counting down the days to February and March Spring Breaks? We don't blame you! It's the perfect time to pack your bags, hit the road, and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. And if you're looking for bucket list destinations that will not break the bank, a CanaDream RV experience in Canada and the United States are just the thing!

In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best family-friendly destinations in these two incredible countries during February and March. From skiing in the Canadian Rockies to exploring theme parks in sunny Florida, we've got you covered with the perfect RV, roadtrip games and planning ideas. So, grab a cup of coffee (or hot cocoa for the kiddos), sit back, and start planning your epic family spring break getaway!

Choosing the Perfect Vehicle

Spring Break in North America is not always sunshine and sandy beaches, you will need to be prepared for temperatures as low as -20 and have the right accommodations. With this in mind, the Maxi Motorhome (MHA) is the perfect vehicle for this travel plan. The MHA has customized features, including a high efficiency furnace, generator, four coach batteries, an interior winter cab blanket and vent pillows, that make your motorhome safe in virtually any winter conditions. The Maxi Motorhome has a queen bed, a dinette table that will convert into a bed, and two single cabover beds, ideal for up to 6 passengers and perfect for a family. 

Trying to save costs? Not a problem, during March we start to move our units around the country to meet our rental needs. This means that we have relocation special offers that come out in mid-January that will allow you to travel from one major Canadian city to another with spectacular savings.  

Time to Pick the Destination

Finding which CanaDream Location you want to pick up from will be helpful in choosing the best itinerary for you and your trip plans. To ease any stress, we have broken down the CanaDream Locations and paired them with an ideal itinerary, along with great things to do and see while you are experiencing Canada and the United States.

Disney World Adventure Disney Land Roadtrip Southern Quebec Trip Rocky Mountain Expedition Nova Scotia Tour

Choosing a Convenient Shopping Center 

Packing for any vacation can be difficult, then add in packing for children and for multiple different weather conditions … it can become overwhelming quickly. Throughout Canada you will find a few one stop shops to purchase all that you will need for packing up your RV.  The two best stores in Canada to find everything from shampoo to your fruits and veggies are Superstore and Walmart. You will find either of these department stores very near to each station, providing a convenient stop before you depart on your road trip. Ask the team at your CanaDream Location during pick up to print off a map or download one onto your phone or tablet prior to your flight.

While on the road, consider both of these stores for more shopping and utilise the many benefits they offer our CanaDream Guests.
  • Parking: Superstore and Walmart parking lots are quite large and have ample spots for RVs and vehicles of all sizes.
  • Overnight Parking: At most, but not all, of these two stores they will offer overnight parking. Meaning you can stay for the night if you are either unable to find a campground or if you are just passing by and want a quick place to stop for a few hours. Check signs in the lot or with management inside the store prior to parking for long periods of time. 
  • Departments: With 22 different departments, Walmart will have exactly what you need prior to your trip and while on it. You can find the extra clothing layers you may have forgetten or you can pick up extra windshield washer fluid in the automotve department. Superstore will be comparable to Walmarts size, and offers a great mix of International cuisine and all your health and beauty supplies. 

CanaDream is happy to have travel extras for you to book, that will provide you with other necessities in the vehicle, such as kitchen items, bedding, lawn chairs, toaster, and a coffee maker. Add these items for a convenience level of not having to purchase them while you are on the road or have them take up room in your suitcases.

Of course, this list is not all that you and your family may want to bring. Make a list and check it a few times before you leave to ensure you have all that you may need on your RV experience.

Planning the Roadtrip Games  

Your roadtrip planning doesn’t stop with the clothes and the toothbrushes, you’ll want to have a set of games In your back pocket to help conquer the time spent driving between your Spring Break attractions and destinations and the time spent at your campground after a long day of being busy and exploring.​
  • Scavenger Hunts: Come prepared with a list of specific items (can be campground specific if you plan ahead) and have children or adults go off in pairs and find the items on the list. First team back wins!
  • Roadtrip Bingo: Planning ahead with this game is essential. Make a board or piece of paper with 9 squares on it. Use things such as animals, CanaDream RVs, or yellow cars on the sheet. Mark off the item when you have seen it!
  • Name that Tune: Using the Ford Driver Package in the vehicles, play a pre-downloaded family fun playlist from Spotify or Apple Music and try to guess what the song is as quickly as you can. Go quick before a family members gets to it first!
  • Would you Rather?: One person will come up with a question of "would you rather?" and ask the family what their answer would be. Quickly, each member will provide their answer - and some answers may surprise you! (ex: Would you rather eat pineapple or watermelon for every meal?) 

Spring break is the perfect time for a family RV road trip. It's a chance to bond, explore new places, and create lasting memories together. By planning ahead and considering everyone's interests and preferences, you can ensure that your family has the best Spring Break experience. Wherever you choose to visit there are endless possibilities for adventure on the open road.

Now that you have finished up planning the RV Spring Break of your family’s dreams, take the plunge and book today! CanaDream is happy to have you and your family explore Canada and the United States at your own pace, enjoying every step of the way.  

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