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January 22nd 2020
For many people, the winter season is a force that drives the general population indoors, only to emerge for necessities and when the spring finally returns again. For other people, winter is exactly the time they have been waiting for.
A Canadian winter may be freezing cold and covered in inches of snow in some places, but there is plenty to do in winter that you simply cannot do in the fairer weather of spring and summer. Skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, ski lift rides, snowmobile tours, snowshoe walks--it all awaits you in various winter adventure parks scattered across the Great White North.

A really fun way to get around to all these places is by renting an RV, hitting the road, and seeing where your journey takes you. So sit back and get ready to take an extended vacation across the Canadian winter wilderness with our list of some of the best winter adventure parks in the country.

Whistler Blackcomb Tube Park, BC
Nestled in the wilds around Whistler, British Columbia, is the Whistler Blackcomb Coca-Cola Tube Park, open from mid-December to mid-April. Just grab a snow tube, take the lift to the top of the slopes, and enjoy the excitement of sliding down about 1,000 feet at terrific speeds! You have multiple lanes to choose from, including separate children’s lanes that begin at the halfway point of the adult lanes.

Winter conditions, of course, always affect the operations of the park, so try to plan around bad snowstorms. It is advised that you wear warm winter clothing to the park, although the location also provides warm snacks and beverages for purchase. Whistler Blackcomb Coca-Cola Tube Park is fun for the whole family, even at night under the lights!

Given the park’s location just about two hours north of Vancouver, you could start your journey right here with a RV rental in Vancouver and drive right up!

Big White Ski Resort, BC
Why not make it a real adventure after Whistler Blackcomb? Head about six and a half hours east to Big White Ski Resort, located in Kelowna in British Columbia’s southeast. The resort is, of course, known for its ample skiing opportunities, but it’s also so much more. Yes, the skiing is phenomenal, with single-day and multi-day lift tickets, and season passes available. But did you know you can also snow tube down the slopes, snowshoe along the trails, and ice skate on the highest outdoor ice skating rink in Canada? The surprises never stop!

Don’t forget also that Big White is a resort, meaning it contains everything you could want to make you comfortable while adventuring out in the snow. You can make an extended stay of it by checking into a condo, townhome, hotel, or vacation cabin. Or spend some time taking in some delicious food and drink in the local restaurants and wine and spirit store.

With everything Big White has to offer, you can nearly guarantee you won’t be bored for one second while staying here. This is definitely worth the time of anyone heading out on the highway for a Canadian winter adventure!

WinSport, AB
We head next to Calgary’s WinSport, or Winter Sport Institute at Canada Olympic Park. The park is known for housing facilities where professional athletes can train and condition their bodies for sporting endeavors.

When it comes to wintertime fun, however, WinSport does not skimp out! The tube park is fun for adults and children alike, or you can hit up the ice skating rink or play some hockey.And what would a winter adventure park be without some slopes for skiing and snowboarding? WinSport features separate areas for beginner and advanced skiers and snowboarders. Also, keep in mind that nobody has to be an expert to spend some time at WinSport, since visitors of all ages can get lessons in skiing, snowboarding, skating, and hockey.

It’s a win-win for everybody!

Village Vacances Valcartier, QC
For this next winter adventure park, we are heading all the way over to Quebec, so pick up your camper van rental in Montreal and drive just three hours northeast until you reach Village Vacances Valcartier in Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier. This resort boasts the largest winter playground in North America, featuring more than 35 snow slides, ice skating, snow rafting, and snow tubing. The kids can also check out the tunneled snow fort and mini slides.

Other five-star activities at Village Vacances Valcartier include the Aroma Spa and the Hotel de Glace, a winter-only hotel made completely of ice, and in new shapes and themes every year! This is a truly unique experience and worth a visit from anyone who loves wintertime traveling.

Kouchiouguac National Park, NB
For our final winter adventure park, we are heading all the way east to Kouchiouguac National Park on the east coast of New Brunswick. The park features many kilometres of cross-country ski trails and snowshoe paths. The family might also enjoy some exciting snow sliding or tobogganing. And since you’ve got your RV with you already, you may want to take advantage of the numerous camping opportunities afforded to park visitors. That’s the beauty of Kouchiouguac National Park: it offers both heart-pumping action on the slopes and trails right alongside tranquil and secluded wintertime camping. It’s got something for everyone!

And for even more wintertime fun in Canada, you can check out the ski trails and other activities at places such as Blue Mountain Resort and Horseshoe Resort in Ontario and Glissades des Pays d'En Haut on Quebec. Each place puts its own unique spin on wintertime fun, so plan your trip carefully!

Don’t forget: it’s all possible with an RV rental from CanaDream, the premier RV rental and sales company in Canada.

Contact us to discover more about the RV and camper van varieties available to you, or to learn more about us!

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