January 13, 2023

New Year, new beginnings … right?  Perhaps your ‘new beginnings’ this year will see you relocating to a different province in Canada.  There’s so many things to consider … pets, furniture, vehicles, and kids to name just a few.
In my 20-plus years of living in Canada, I’ve had family move from east to west and vice versa on a number of occasions and all finally came to the conclusion that, after they’ve packed up their houses and left the moving company to do what they do best, moving can be a fun experience when you do it in an RV!
Long distance relocating can be expensive, stressful and time-consuming, especially if you are travelling with kids.  Try to plan your cross-country relocation for when they are out of school then make the experience into an educational trip, visiting places you may otherwise pass by if you were travelling by car. 

So, what are some other benefits of using an RV for a cross-country move?
  • You don’t have to plan ahead to book room/s or scour the internet looking for affordable hotels en route.  Everything you need is at your fingertips, including the kitchen sink – enabling your family to be self-sufficient wherever you may park at night
  • Save money on hotel rooms and dining out
  • Your pets will be less stressed out by travelling with you
  • Spend quality time with your family in your spacious RV. There are no cramped conditions in the family car, no sibling squabbles or constant pit stops. Instead, you'll spend your trip enjoying the open road and camping in pleasant places
  • An RV has plenty of room for valuables and other possessions you want to keep close at hand – there’s peace of mind knowing these valuables are with you and not boxed up in a moving truck.
  • It’s a wonderful way to explore new places and meet new people
  • It becomes a memory for the family to share.  Instead of possible negative memories, it’s family bonding time that you’ll most likely remember as being nothing but an adventure
  • By taking time to get to your destination, you’ll reach your new home feeling refreshed and ready to settle in
So, with these points in mind, does it make sense for you to rent an RV to move cross-country? Are one-way rentals available from your point of departure to your destination?  Many RV Rental companies in Canada have depots in major cities across the country. 

CanaDream enables Guests to pick up or drop off in Halifax, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver and delivery options are available up to 450km from the depot location. A one-way drop fee applies unless you are able to take advantage of one of a RV relocation offer.

Regardless of your reason for travelling, CanaDream has an RV model that’s right for you. Email, call or online chat with one of our knowledgeable Reservations agents to learn more.

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