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July 24th 2019
Vancouver Whale Watch provides passengers with the adventure of a lifetime through excellent customer service, first class vessels, the highest possible safety standards and added value from a on-the-water education of the West Coast eco system.
Guests can choose between the thrill of an pen zodiac ride or enjoy the adventure in the comfort of a semi covered zodiac style vessel, all equipped with on board washrooms. A team of hand selected professional guides take pride in guaranteeing all participants a true magnificent experi-ence during the 3 to 5 hour tours which depart from the picturesque West Coast fishing village of Steveston, located just 40 minutes  from Vancouver.

You travel through the spectacular Gulf and San Juan Islands to find magnificent orcas, aka kill-er whales and majestic humpback whales. There is also the opportunity to see a diverse marine ecosystem, including bow riding Dall’s porpoises, sea lions, bald eagles and seals.

during a trip take advantage of their “sight unseen guarantee” and participate again - for free. The return passes never expire.

The company also offers free all-day RV parking for participants.
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