July 21, 2023

2022 - Another record season!
2022 saw record-breaking numbers of Bigg’s killer whales and humpback whales spotted in the waters of British Columbia and Washington state, among continued signs of progress within the Salish Sea ecosystem, according to year-end data compiled by the Pacific Whale Watch Association (PWWA) and local research organizations.
According to the PWWA, which operates year-round whale watching tours in and around the Salish Sea, Bigg’s killer whales and humpback whales were the two types most frequently documented by whale watchers in 2022, reported by PWWA crewmembers on 278 days (Killer Whales/Orcas)  and 274 days (Humpbacks) respectively. These numbers broke the record set last year. Another exciting number is the almost 400 different Humpbacks that were catalogued in the Salish Sea in 2022, including a record number of Mom & Calves.


In addition to whale sightings, the PWWA also collects data on sentinel actions, or protective interventions performed by professional whale watchers during the course of a wildlife tour. Examples include stopping other vessels from speeding near whales, alerting ferries, cargo ships, or military vessels when whales are nearby, retrieving harmful debris like derelict fishing gear and balloons, and reporting entangled or injured wildlife to proper authorities.
In 2022, PWWA captains, naturalists, and crewmembers documented 1,066 sentinel actions. Of the 740 vessel-related sentinel actions, the PWWA was successful in modifying the behavior of other nearby vessels in 74% of interactions. The association also removed more than 300 pieces of marine debris and reported 20 injured or entangled whales and sea lions to local rescue teams.


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