June 30, 2020

Venture inside the ripest part of the Okanagan, like you never have before...

Beach days in Canada may mean something a little bit different than you would expect, however, you’ll soon find that South Okanagan’s beaches and lakes will become your new favourite summer vacation destination – if they haven’t already. Visitors and locals alike agree that an area favourite would certainly be Gallagher Lake,  – which is spring fed by the surrounding glaciers – and provides goers with velvet-smooth sandy beaches and refreshingly cool waters for a welcomed swim on those scorching summer days. 

Just beyond the shores of the lake is Gallagher Lake Resort, an inspired and immaculately connected community that offers goers the perfect setting to rest, relax and enjoy some fun in the sun. Full and partial service tent sites are available, as well as charming wood cabins if you prefer a more authentic stay with them.

Given its close proximity to Penticton and Osoyoos, you can take advantage of the ‘Wine Capital of Canada’! Tour all of the local wineries and dine at the most delicious award-winning restaurants (reservations can be booked through the resort). Not to mention the charming local food market, shopping, and multitude of hiking and biking trails available to you if you get bored of lazy days at the beach!

It’s a likely certainty that it will only take one visit for you to fall in love with this backyard. To learn more about the specific site amenities and for all other inquiries about Gallagher Lake Resort, please visit the Gallagher Lake Resort online.

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