June 21, 2021

Renting an RV may seem to be, on first thought, just like renting a car. After all, they both provide you with a vehicle to get you from point A to point B. But RV rentals are much more than a means of transport - they are an experience.

CanaDream doesn't simply rent motorhomes, our product is the memories our Guests and Customers share with family and friends of their experience of Canada at their own pace in an RV. Long-winded, maybe ... but it's exactly what an RV vacation is all about.

Our Guests enjoy connecting with a different lifestyle. They participate in activities and attractions previously foreign to them and enjoy the campground camaraderie of fellow RVers.

Selecting campgrounds to stay at and activities to do on your motorhome holiday has never been easier. When you join us as our Guest, it's our pleasure to welcome you to the CanaDream Club. The Club has hundreds of attraction and campground partners ready to take your bookings - from pulse pounding adventures to scenic tours and much more. Best of all, membership of the Club is free.

CanaDream continues to add value to the Club with our latest partnership with Journie Rewards. When you pick up your RV from a CanaDream location, you'll receive a JOURNIE membership card along with a promotion code valid for the entire road trip. JOURNIE rewards gives you the opportunity to enjoy up to 12c per litre savings (when you combine our exclusive offer with the Journie Rewards membership benefits) and is valid at all participating Pioneer, Ultramar & Chevron stations across Canada.

Check out the full list of CanaDream Club benefits on our website and book your Canadian RV experience today.

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