March 20, 2017

Ever dreamed of touring around Canada? You’re not alone. From the beaches of the west coast, across the spectacular beauty of the prairies, to the rich heritage of the eastern provinces, Canada boasts some of the world’s best vistas. Discover why an RV vacation makes traveling so easy.
Now, imagine doing all that while having the ability to stop where and when you want, doing what you want, and meeting an eclectic group of people along the way. Taking a vacation in an RV, motorhome or trailer gives you the freedom and ability to make it a reality!

Freedom, that’s the key word. It’s the biggest plus of traveling in a motor home. Freedom from the stresses of airport security or being late for your flight; freedom to do everything you want on your own time! Find a jewel of a campground and decide to stay a few days longer. Hear about a “must see” attraction that you’ve already passed and just turn that rig around to seek it out!

There’s no need to worry about home comforts, you’ll be equipped with a fully functional kitchen and bathroom alongside your bedroom and living area. Of course, you can “rough it” as much as you like, cooking over a fire pit and enjoying your nights outside relaxing and gazing up at the stars. Or retire into your RV and enjoy a lazy evening with a book or a movie. Then start your day with a homebrewed cup of coffee, watch the sunrise and hit the road. Canada’s story is one of travel.

As the second largest country in the world, the only true Canadian experience is one where you jump on the road and push scenery past your windows. It’s a land rich with diversity from its landscapes to its people; it’s not something you can just visit, it has to be experienced. It’s for that reason that we’re an RVing nation and you’ll find companies where you can rent an RV in most major cities. Many may also offer great rv rental deals outside of the peak season.

It’s time to stop dreaming about all of the fun that comes with discovering Canada in an RV, and time to start planning it! Whether your dream consists of starting at one end of the country and finishing weeks later at the other end, or a shorter trip to discover the beauty in your own backyard, RVing is a great option – for the freedom is yours! Rent an RV, pack your suitcases, grab your loved ones, and hit the open road!

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