March 16, 2020

CanaDream’s RV rentals from Vancouver to Montreal will get you where you need to be when you’re looking for a dog-friendly campsite in Canada. See our list of them here!

The people who love RVing and take the time to travel several times a year by RV will tend to make their journeys family affairs. Going all-in like this can be much more fun than traveling alone.

Of course, traveling with the whole family means taking the pets, too. Pets add some level of complexity to your excursion, but, with some preparation, RV traveling across Canada with animals can still be done to maximum effect. You just need to know how to prepare for your trips and where you will be able to camp with your pets in tow. Our top tips for RVing with your cat or dog has useful information for preparing to holiday with your furry family.

So, keep this list in mind this travel season as you plan out your trips to several of the best dog-friendly RV campsites in Canada. When you’re ready to jump in a camper van rental and head out on the road, CanaDream will be there to provide you with all the options you could want in a dependable RV for you and your pets.

Which Campsites in Canada Are the Most Pet Friendly?

It can sometimes be difficult to find pet-friendly campsites across Canada. If the websites don’t provide that information, you could be left wondering if you should even travel there at all. Let’s, therefore, break down some good pet-friendly Canadian campsites for you.

Twin Shores Camping Area

Located on the North Shore of Prince Edward Island in Canada’s extreme east, the Twin Shores Camping Area is a stunningly beautiful park right on the oceanfront. You can park your RV in a serviced or unserviced campsite and spend a few days walking the beach, soaking up some sun, or swimming in the water. Of course, since we are focused on pets in this post, know that, aside from taking your furry companions with you all over the park, there is also a dedicated Bark Park for dogs. No leashes are needed in the park, so your dogs can run wild, chase toys, and just generally expend some energy! With other recreational services such as a movie theater, sports courts, and children’s playground, the Twin Shores Camping Area is truly fun for the whole family.

Living Forest Oceanside

Next up is Living Forest Oceanside in British Columbia. This site is nestled on the oceanfront of southeastern Vancouver Island. You will pull your RV rental from Vancouver onto the property to discover 50 acres of the park at your disposal, water on three sides, and plenty of kilometers of both paved and forested walking trails. Serviced RV campsites come in all kinds of varieties, from oceanview to forested. And, as promised, you may bring your pets! Just know that they must be on leashes and picked up after. Furthermore, dogs are not allowed on the beaches. But don’t worry about getting them some exercise, because there are plenty of other locations where your dogs can enjoy themselves.

Riding Mountain National Park

Riding Mountain National Park is located on the south shore of Clear Lake in Manitoba. As a national park, Riding Mountain is maintained by the Canadian government and the First Nations tribes in the area. Riding Mountain features expansive and diverse environments that range from grasslands to forests to lakes. Your visit to this park can be anything you want it to be, from a visit of half a day to a semi-long-term stay of a few weeks. You will have plenty of RV campsites to choose from. Regarding pets, keep in mind that this is a true nature area, so it is not advised that your dog be let off a leash at any time. Park management also asks that you pick up after your dog and recommends you not bring your pets if you plan to hike into the backcountry.

Mountain View Camping

Our next pet-friendly RV campsite is Mountain View Camping. It’s situated only about 20 minutes outside of downtown Calgary, so you might want to look into some camper van rentals in Calgary before heading out into the woods with your pets. If simple camping is what you are after, a visit to Mountain View should provide all you need. The RV park features 190 parking stalls with amp service between 15 and 50. You can also choose between water, sewer, both, or pull-through. Dogs are allowed at the park, of course, but they must be leashed and weigh under 22 kilograms.

1000 Islands/Kingston KOA

Kingston, Ontario, calls itself the gateway to the 1000 Islands, a collection of picturesque islands in the St. Lawrence River between Canada and the United States. The 1000 Islands/Kingston KOA campgrounds are just 20 minutes from the river if some island exploration is in your future. KOA campgrounds feature three levels: journey, holiday, and resort. Each level increases the kind of amenities you can enjoy, from a simple pull-through RV site to a spot with a cabin and pool access. Any dogs you bring with you to the Kingston KOA site must be leashed, as is to be expected, but there are Kamp K9s available, too. These are fenced-off areas where your dogs can run free to play. You can also get fresh water and pick up bags for your dog here. With all the options available to you at the Kingston KOA RV campgrounds, you will want to rent an RV in Toronto and head on over to the friendly locale of the 1000 Islands.

Ponderosa Pines Park

Ponderosa Pines Park on New Brunswick’s southeastern coast is only a 40-minute drive south from Moncton. Ponderosa is proud of its heritage as a clean, natural campground that makes maximum use of its space while leaving nature as undisturbed as possible. To that end, Ponderosa Pines Park is simplistic in its design, but you and your pets will love the friendly, inviting scenery of the campgrounds. Set up your RV in a conveniently serviced spot and then be prepared to spend a lot of time with your dog as you go walking through the scenic locales nearby, including the lakes and noted Hopewell Rocks formations.


The final item on our list of pet-friendly campsites is Tadoussac, a village on the St. Lawrence River in Quebec. The campgrounds at Camping Tadoussac feature two major areas, a total of 250 sites both for RVs and tents. With serene spots overlooking the beauty of the St. Lawrence River, you will love camping in the idyllic spaciousness of Tadoussac. Dogs are permitted in both campsites of Camping Tadoussac, but, as always, they must be leashed and under control at all times. Tadoussac is quite a way out in the wilderness, so you may want to rent or buy an RV in Montreal and then head northeast to your destination.

Professional RV Rentals in Canada

For years, CanaDream has rented RVs and camper vans to people wanting to break out of their normal routines and hit the road. As we know, pets of all kinds are part of the family, too. When you want to bring dogs or even cats with you on vacation, you should be confident knowing your RV campsite will accept them as readily as they accept you. We are happy we have been able to provide you with this list of some of the best pet-friendly RV campsites across Canada.

Contact us with any questions you have about our products or services, and happy trails to you and your pets!

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