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March 24th 2023
CanaDream RV’s winter-ready motorhomes keep it cozy for pro snowboarders at Mount Baker’s Legendary Banked Slalom.
Every year since 1985 Mount Baker has played host to one of the world’s most revered grassroots snowboard events - the Legendary Banked Slalom (LBS). In 2023, CanaDream RV was able to send two groups out from the Vancouver station with winter-ready RVs so they could immerse themselves in a winter camping experience while competing at this iconic event.

There are a lot of aspects to the LBS that make it so beloved, from the powdery slopes of Mount Baker and the community vibe in the parking lot turned campground, to the giant communal feast of paella and salmon that feeds hungry racers at the end of the competition.

Community is where it's at for this event! That’s what camping is all about too; meeting like-minded people, bonded in their love for adventure in nature. Meet our guests!

Leanne Pelosi, Jeff Keenan and their son Khyber

New parents, Leanne and Jeff are pro snowboarders who both have huge influence on the progression of snowboarding in their roles as boundary pushers, film producers, brand developers, and mentors and advocates for the environment and women in snowboarding.
Man and Balck dog in front of CanaDream RV   Let’s-hit-the-slopes.jpg
The winter-ready Maxi motorhome has lots of room for Leanne and Jeff’s boards as well as Khyb’s sled, his preferred method of sliding on snow…for now! - Photo: Jeff Keenan
Let’s hit the slopes - Photo: Jeff Keenan
The-quiver-of-boards-are-secure-and-can-all-fit-nicely-in-the-RV’s-lockable-roomy-side-storage-compartments.jpg   Prepping-mom’s-board-for-the-race-is-a-family-affair.jpg
The quiver of boards are secure and can all fit nicely in the RV’s lockable roomy side storage compartments - Photo: Jeff Keenan
Prepping mom’s board for the race is a family affair - Photo: Jeff Keenan
Man with snowboard and young child   Sara waxing board - photo:
Jeff with board and Baby Khyb - Photo: Jeff Keenan
Sara makes sure she has the right wax for the very snowy conditions on race day. - Photo: Erin Hogue

Erin Hogue, Sara Niblock and Jennifer Girardi

This girls' trip to the Legendary Banked Slalom included pro action sports photographer Erin Hogue, snowboarder Sara Niblock and athlete marketing manager Jen Girardi. For this trio, meal prepping let them make the most of their getaway and maximize mountain time while Sara competed, Jen networked and Erin photographed all of the competition’s action.
Salmon and Paella Bake   Snowboarder out of the starting gate at competition
Not only is the banked slalom legendary, so is the event’s giant communal feast featuring a salmon bake and massive pans of paella - Photo: Erin Hogue
Sara’s out of the starting gate and ready to charge down the course Photo: Erin Hogue
Breakfast served in the CanaDream RV   Crowd gathered in the snow at the LBS event
Breakfast meal prep helped everyone eat well before a big day on the mountain - Photo: Erin Hogue
One of the unique aspects of the LBS is the ability for up and coming riders to race against the same clock, on the same course, as some of the sport’s most famous snowboarders - Photo: Erin Hogue

Some tips to make the most of your winter camping experience at the base of any ski resort:

  • Call ahead to find out if you are able to camp in the parking lot. Some resorts will charge a fee to camp and require booking while others simply designate an area. Our handy “Where to Ski and RV Guide” is a great resource for winter ski trip planning in Canada.
  • Bring some slippers that you can pop on as soon as you come inside. The floor can get cold and a little wet from snow.
  • It gets dark early in the winter so a flashlight is handy to have. The RV has a bright LED light strip that can also light up the night - find the light switch on the lower left side of the counter as you head up the stairs into the RV.
  • The exterior storage bins can hold a lot of gear so don’t hesitate to bring along your quiver of boards, sleds and ice skates to add to your options for winter adventure.
  • A propane fire pit is nice to bring along, as Erin, Sara and Jen did. Or pack up a pizza oven like Jeff and Leanne. Hard to imagine anything better than tucking into hot pizza straight out of the oven after a big day on the mountain!
  • For more tips on how to make the most of your winter RV rental check out our Winter RV Rentals page for instructional videos, tours of the winter-ready RV and what to pack!


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