May 12, 2020 // By Deborah L. Wade, White Water Adventures

Wild Water Adventures offers exhilarating white water rafting trips down the Kicking Horse River and has been a favourite among our guests for the past years.

Not sure what to do? Don’t sweat it … here are 3 things to remember when you participate in a rafting trip with WILD WATER ADVENTURES:
1. Listen to your Guides!
Our guides are not only passionate about white water rafting: They do know their stuff. They know every inch of the Kicking Horse River. Listen during the safety talk. Listen out on the rapids - it’s not only their job to keep you safe, but to ensure that you have a fun time. They’ll give you a little bit of history and local lore about the places you’ll ride by. Listen before and after to make sure the trip runs smoothly not only for you but also for the other guests in your group.

Take a rest, have a seat, enjoy a refreshment.

2. Choose the Right Trip For You!
We offer a variety of white water rafting trips. Class II and class III waves are probably the most  

exciting rapids you are going to want, and even class III can be very thrilling to an advanced rafter! The “Gentle Rafting Trip” with class I to III rapids might be up your alley. It has enough thrills to give you a taste - and leave you soaked - but also has some relaxing downtime as well. Overall, the trip is an hour and a half long and you get to relax back at the river base with some hot chocolate, fruit, and cookies at the end. Lastly, there are also various multi-day trips available. 

Have Fun !
Allow yourself to be comfortable. You’re (probably) on vacation - make the most of you experience! Even if there are hiccups, our staff is highly trained and professional, and ready to deal with anything that will arise. As long as you are in sync with your guides, relax, and stay safe, you’re sure to have a great time!

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