May 8, 2020

Sitting around a campfire on a clear starry night, only the sounds of nature surrounding you – it's a place we're looking forward to welcoming you all back to.

Until then, many of us might be lucky enough to recreate this – minus the sounds of nature – in our own backyards. Set aside a family night around your own firepit – perhaps even pitch a tent or two on the lawn – and know that it won’t be long before the campgrounds re-open and you can enjoy the real thing.

Whether you’re sitting around your own firepit now or planning that weekend away later – we've found some of the most popular games and stories around the campfire you might like to try with the family!


Sitting in a circle around the campfire the first person says: ONE FROG, the second person says: 2 EYES, the third person says: 4 LEGS, the fourth person says: IN THE PUDDLE, the firth person says: KER-PLOP.

Next round starts with Two Frogs then Four eyes, Four legs, two in the puddle then Kerplop. Then 3-6-6, 4-8-8 etc.

First person to make a mistake is out. Winner is the person who manages to stay to the end. Think about a prize (chocolate bar or something for the winner)

Colour your campfire flames

While adults seem to be mesmerized by watching campfire flames dance throughout the night, kids tend to bore more easily. How about throwing a little table salt into the fire for a quick burst of bright glow or bringing some bags of fire colorant with you. After you’ve added the colorant – make a game out of it by having the kids call out what colours they can see. This is particularly good for younger kids who might still be learning their colours.

Team Storytelling

Start with an opening line – let the first person choose it or have an adult do it. The next person progresses the story forward and the next etc. The story ends when everyone has run out of ideas. You can then start a new story.


An age-old favourite – everyone has played this at some time but it doesn’t lose its appeal. You can divide off into teams or play as singles depending on the make up of your group. If playing as a single, that person decides the theme and gets the rest of the group to guess it. As a team, the team leader pantomimes the topic to the rest of the team and they have to guess it. The other team watches. Pick a time limit so each charade doesn’t last too long.


A popular team building game turned campfire fun. The first person whispers a statement to the person on their left. That person repeats that phrase to the person on their left and so on until it gets back to the original person. The phrase never ends up coming back to the original person the same as the original and it’s fun finding out how much the message has been distorted. This is a good game for all ages.

Twenty Questions

One person thinks of an item or a place and the rest of the ground has twenty questions available to try to find out what that player’s item or place is. The group can only ask Yes or No questions to solve the puzzle. The place might, for instance, be the Taj Mahal in India. An incorrect question would be - “Where in the world is it?”. A correct question might be “Is it in India?”.



When everyone has had their fill of games, sit back and relax and just gaze up at the stars. Get the kids to find the Big Dipper and point out other recognisable stars in the sky.

Toasting Marshmallows

While not a game – this activity is synonymous with campfires – enjoy the sweet treat before heading into your RV for the night.

Campfire Sing-a-long

Finally, there’s the ever-popular campfire sing-a-long, someone with a guitar and everyone dreaming up songs we all should know – all these things make for an amazing camp-out experience.

Do you have other campfire games and activities you enjoy? Tell us about them –

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