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May 17th 2023

5 reasons to choose Jasper SkyTram

Two people on a rock looking out at alpine scenery

Access the alpine.

The vastness of Jasper National Park can only be appreciated from a mountain peak. As the largest national park in Alberta’s Rocky Mountain Range, there are certainly plenty of mountains to choose from, but most will entail an all-day commitment and a good fitness level. Boarding a seven-and-a-half-minute flight and gaining over 1000 metres in elevation is the easiest way to get a head start to the top of a mountain and those million-dollar views.

Take your time.

At Jasper SkyTram there’s no rushing, no stress and no watching the clock. You can spend as long as you like at the top, so long as you’re on the last tram down at the end of the day. You can take your time on the hike, pack a picnic, or visit our Summit Café and relax with delicious food and drinks while you take in the view.

Skyline restaurant and viewing over Jasper National Park

Relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Jasper is renowned for having an authentic mountain town vibe with friendly locals and a relaxed atmosphere, and Jasper SkyTram is no different. Our tram guides will give you information about Jasper SkyTram, the landscape around you, and the town of Jasper as you ascend to the upper station. You can get answers to all your Rocky Mountain questions, from the flora and fauna to the six mountain ranges that surround you.

Proximity to Jasper

Jasper SkyTram is only 7km from downtown Jasper. It’s a 10-minute drive, or you could walk or e-bike to catch your flight (it can be cycled, but it’s steep)! Getting to Jasper SkyTram is easy, take highway 93 south towards the Icefields Parkway, cross over the yellowhead highway and take your next right. Follow the road all the way until you reach the parking lots.

Two people walking on mountain snow on a sunny day

Choose your own adventure.

There are lots of options at Jasper SkyTram. You can take your flight and stay inside, perusing the gift shop and stopping by the Summit Café for treats and refreshments. Another option is to stroll the interpretive boardwalk, this is a circular route and largely flat, so you can take your time to take in the 360-degree views. Finally, you can hike to the summit. This is a 1.4km trail that takes you to the peak of Whistlers Mountain at 2,463 metres. It’s often windy and much colder at the top than at the lower station, so bring layers and wear sturdy footwear. On a clear day, once at the top you’ll be treated to unparalleled Rocky Mountain views.

In the early season you can snowshoe to the summit, with rentals available at the upper station retail store. It’s an adventure you don’t want to miss!

In the fall Jasper SkyTram hosts one of Jasper’s signature events; Star Sessions. Part of the annual Dark Skies festival, Star Sessions is an evening of delicious food and star gazing with the Jasper Planetarium. Jasper is a dark sky preserve, perfect for stargazing and appreciating the wonders of our universe.

Jasper SkyTram is your must-do Rocky Mountain adventure this summer. Fly to the high alpine, hike the summit trail, and breathe in unparalleled mountain views – you’ll feel on top of the world! With plenty of parking for your RV, Jasper SkyTram looks forward to welcoming you to Jasper National Park.

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