May 29, 2024

Five Reasons to Explore Beyond the Shoreline with Kenai Fjords Tours

A bucket-list trip to Alaska isn’t complete without a Kenai Fjords Tours excursion. Set sail from Seward, Alaska, through the waters of Kenai Fjords National Park, for an unforgettable adventure surrounded by breathtaking scenery and captivating wildlife.
Keep reading for five reasons why you can’t miss Kenai Fjords Tours during your Alaska RV trip.

An Adventure of a Lifetime

Kenai Fjords Tours will show you a side of Alaska you wouldn’t experience otherwise. As you cruise the stunning Alaska waters, you’ll pass stunning craggy coastlines and ancient glaciers in Kenai Fjords National Park. Depending on the tour you choose, you may spot the Northwestern, Holgate and Aialik tidewater glaciers or the Bear valley glacier (a valley glacier is unique in that it doesn't reach the sea), which is the largest of its kind in the national park.

Experts Lead the Way

Kenai Fjords Tours has been operating since 1978, making it the region’s original wildlife and glacier cruise operator. The trailblazing captains and crew know these waters better than anyone, so you’re in good hands. Each cruise is narrated by an expert captain who has at least six years of experience navigating Kenai Fjords National Park and genuine passion for all things maritime. You can learn more about the captains here.

Spot Local Wildlife

Wildlife sightings are never guaranteed on a tour, but your odds of seeing finned and feathered locals are high. Wildlife can be spotted from the sea to the sky and range from the small to the mighty. Keep your eyes peeled in the Seward Harbor for the resident bald eagles and seals as you set off. Whales are plentiful in the region — you could spot orcas, humpback, grey and fin whales in these waters. Aside from whales, watch for puffins, sea lions, sea otters, Dall’s porpoises and black oystercatchers along your adventure!

Enjoy Glacier-Side Dining

The term “meal with a view” takes on a whole new meaning with Kenai Fjords Tours. Fuel up during your adventure with included onboard lunches or book the Glacier Dinner Cruise to dine next to either the Aialik or Holgate glacier. Two of the tours offered — the National Park Tour and Resurrection Bay Tour — also include the option of a meal on Fox Island, a stunning and secluded destination in the heart of Resurrection Bay. Stroll the shores and take in the scenery before enjoying a meal at the day lodge.

Explore with Ease

Adventuring in a new place can feel daunting, but Kenai Fjords Tours make it easy to have an experience of massive magnitude. Choose the tour that suits your timeframe and interests, check in at Seward Harbor, park your RV and hop aboard. The RV parking is off-site in Seward, so allow time to park and catch the short shuttle ride to your tour departure point.

Take the first step towards an unbeatable adventure. Contact CanaDream to secure your preferred date and time!

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