May 24, 2024

RV Camping at Métis Crossing
Located within the Victoria District National Historic Site on the beautiful North Saskatchewan River, Métis Crossing presents an unparalleled camping experience, inviting adventurers and nature enthusiasts to immerse themselves into the wide-open spaces, blue skies, the gorgeous North Saskatchewan River valley and rich cultural heritage of the Métis community. 

Métis Crossing is comprised of original Métis River lots, narrow lots where Métis families could access water, fields, and forest; now it holds a Cultural gathering Centre, a 40-room boutique lodge, campgrounds, and Sky Watching Domes, exclusive accommodations that debuted last summer. Sustainability-focused projects such as a solar farm and a permaculture garden are also on site.

Within the campground, there are 20 powered sites, non-powered RV sites, tenting sites, showers, washrooms, picnic tables, fire pits, and wood for sale.

Choosing to camp Metis Crossing means embracing the opportunity to connect with the land and the stories of the Métis people. It’s a place where the night sky is a canvas of stars, and the days are filled with exploration and discovery. The 688-acre cultural destination—80 miles northeast of Edmonton—has near-zero light pollution. This makes night sky viewing around the campfire particularly spellbinding, as Métis interpreters explain how their ancestors used the stars to chart routes across the plains. It’s a destination where families, solo travelers, and groups can find solace and adventure. Whatever your preferences and needs may be, Métis Crossing welcomes you to experience our distinct Indigenous story.

At the heart of Métis Crossing lies a deep commitment to preserving and sharing the vibrant culture and history of the Métis people.

Exploring Métis Crossing’s Unique Offerings

Daily Activities and Signature Experiences: Métis Crossing offers various interpretive experiential guided tours to fully immerse visitors in traditional Métis activities and skills. These seasonal Signature Experiences allow the opportunity to actively learn about the cultural significance of life on the land and the traditional Métis way of life. 

Cultural Workshops: Dive deeper into Métis culture by participating in hands-on workshops. Whether it’s finger weaving, beadwork, or other traditional crafts, our workshops offer you a chance to immerse yourself in the living traditions of the Métis people.

Culinary Delights: With diverse dining options on-site, you can enjoy a delectable fusion of traditional Indigenous-inspired cuisine infused with modern flavors and local touches like saskatoon-berry coulis, bison sausage, and Bannock, a type of bread that was introduced by European fur traders in the 18th century and adopted into Métis culture. It’s not just a meal; it’s a culinary journey that brings the authentic flavors of the Métis people to life on your plate.

Being a CanaDream Club Partner, Métis Crossing can be booked online, ensuring your stay, along with endless activities!

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