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November 11th 2019
Dog sledding is an activity that has been part of Canadian history and culture for well over a thousand years. The Inuit people of northern Canada, the Arctic region, are believed to have invented dog sledding sometime around 1,000 CE. At that time, dog sleds were the best way to navigate the expansive frozen landscapes of the area.

Single dogs started out pulling sleds of cargo such as firewood. Later, larger teams of dogs were employed to transport people across the hard Arctic ice. The popularity of dog sledding spread throughout Canada and eventually made its way to Europe.

Dog sledding remains intimately connected to the Canadian society and culture today, but more as recreation than a necessity. A variety of dog sled companies operate in the Canadian wilderness, offering dog sled tours through the woods and open country to guests looking for some old-time adventure and fun.

If you are traveling across Canada this winter and looking for some excellent locations to go dog sledding, CanaDream has got you covered. Maybe you’re starting in the west and working your way toward Nova Scotia. In that case, grab an RV rental in Vancouver, BC and start trekking across the icy world of dog-sledding Canada! If not, you can grab a rental at one of our many locations and go from there.


Whistler Blackcomb - Whistler, BC

The first stop on your dog-sledding journey could be Whistler Blackcomb, a ski resort located in the mountainous town of Whistler, British Columbia. The resort offers dog sled adventure tours that allow visitors to jump aboard a dog sled with a professional musher. Then it’s all just fun and relaxation from there, as the team of dogs travels along a trail through the old-growth forest of Callaghan Valley. The mushers will also show visitors the basics of dog sledding, including how to position and harness the dogs, as well as which commands the dogs will respond to. With its mix of wider and more restricting trails, the dog sled tour at Whistler Blackcomb is sure to satisfy anyone’s curiosity into this unique activity.

Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours - Canmore, AB

Next up is Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours, a company operating out of Canmore, Alberta. Snowy Owl began as a dog sled tour operator in 1983, making it an early propagator of reliving this particular part of Canadian history. The company recommends guests reserve a tour for themselves at least one month in advance. Visitors can take sledding tours with an instructor driving, or they can control their own dog sled team with an instructor driving on a separate sled in front of them. These dog tours, of course, travel across the Canadian backcountry, through forests and open land. Guests of Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours can enjoy stunning views, while getting to know the dogs along the way. This is a must-see dog sled tour on your Canadian RV journey.

North Ridge Ranch - Huntsville, ON

Now we are going to jump across the country a bit. Way over in Huntsville, Ontario, you will find North Ridge Ranch. This dog sledding tour outfit is managed by a small crew of three, but that in no way diminishes the quality of its tours. Adults, teenagers, and children can all take a dog sled tour. Beginners should not worry about their experience dog sledding; instructions are provided before every tour so the uninitiated know exactly what they are getting into. This tour will take guests about twenty kilometres through the scenic beauty of Muskoka. Halfway through the three-hour dog sled tour, guests can stop and enjoy some refreshments while petting the sled dogs. Due to the popularity of these tours, visitors should reserve their spots well ahead of time.


Aventure Plein Air Inukshuk - Levis, QC

Last on our list is Aventure Plein Air Inukshuk in Levis, Quebec. This is an adventure company specializing in taking guests for fun and exciting trips on quads, treasure hunts, snowmobiles, and, of course, dog sleds! Visitors will meet the dogs beforehand and receive some instructions on what to expect and the necessary safety precautions. The dog sleds will then take visitors through almost one hundred kilometres of trails. As is to be expected on such a tour, guests can take in scenic views of the Canadian backwoods. Keep in mind, however, that it will probably help to know some conversational French to take this tour. This is Quebec, after all.

Of course, this list names only a few of the many dog sledding locations you can find spread across the vast nation of Canada. If you are looking to take a few weeks to travel and see a bunch of them, an RV rental is the way to go. CanaDream has about 1,000 options available for you, whether you’re looking to rent or even buy your own RV. Our dog sledding tour recommendations of Canada started in British Columbia and mentions a few other places where you can rent a CanaDream RV for your convenience. But the choice is yours when you are ready to travel in one of our RVs. Even RV rentals in the Toronto area are no problem for us, either!

Contact CanaDream for questions about our RV rental services. And once you meet up with your dog sled teams out there in the wilderness, be sure to enjoy the unique experience for what it is: a truly Canadian recreation. Your whole trip doesn’t have to be all about dog sledding either. It can be a stop along the way, but plan a full itinerary for your trip with a bunch of fun things to do and sites to see!

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