November 26, 2019

Hosted at the international award-winning Jones Distilling, located in the historic Mountain View School building in Revelstoke, the Canadian Gin Guild offers craft spirit lovers the unique opportunity to create their own gin. This hands-on experience is the very first of its kind in Canada.

To many, it’s just another type of alcohol. But if you dig deeper into gin, you’ll find that its dark and storied history makes it one of the more fascinating spirits.

Canadian Gin Guild experiences do just that and take things a step further by teaching participants about the botanicals that go into making gin and helping them create their very own bottle of the spirit.

The making of gin begins with a base alcohol. The alcohol is re-distilled with international botanicals, which must include juniper berries to be considered gin. Beyond that one stipulation, the options and flavour combinations are virtually endless.

Each botanical contributes something unique. Licorice root adds dryness, orris root is found in most perfumes and allows aromas to shine and stand out, and Angelica root is a distiller’s “salt and pepper” and amplifies flavour.

After learning how the different botanicals combine to create individual flavour profiles, attendees work with the head distiller to come up with combinations to suit their individual palates and get to walk away with a custom bottle of gin of their own making.

In addition to the Create Your Own Gin event, the Canadian Gin Guild offers tours and tastings at the distillery and a Botanical Basics option that focuses primarily on gin botanicals.

Don’t miss out on this chance to get up close and personal with the gin making process!

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