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November 28th 2023
Nestled deep in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Lake Louise Ski Resort stands as a testament to nature's grandeur. More than a mere landscape, it's an immersive experience, weaving the Rocky Mountain culture with the thrill of adventure. It's not just about being surrounded by nature; it's about diving headfirst into its embrace.

two people skiing down a mountain

For generations, we've been a beacon for travelers, enthusiasts, and thrill-seekers. We are not just any mountain resort. We are a confluence of top-tier facilities with the warmth of close-knit community spirit, all bound together by a profound love for this magnificent place. And this love is not just superficial; it's anchored deep within the local way of life, within every ridge and trail that we've come to know over the decades. With this intrinsic connection, we champion the conservation and protection of this sacred land, ensuring its magnificence remains untarnished for generations to come. 

person over looking mountains and valley

To truly resonate with Canada's natural rhythm, one must experience Lake Louise. It's the tapestry of shimmering snow, towering pines, and a culture that's both raw and refined. 

Lake Louise boasts one of North America's most extended ski seasons, from November to May. Here, winter is more than a season; it's an enchanting celebration. Every snowfall brings back the unbridled joy of childhood, with laughter echoing as enthusiasts carve through fresh powder. 

The resort offers vast yet accessible terrain, welcoming both novice skiers finding their balance and seasoned pros craving adrenaline. Spread across four mountain faces and covering 4200 acres, choices range from gentle groomed tracks to challenging steeps and secret powder stashes. There's a slice of this mountain paradise tailored for every adventurer. 

person skiing down steep mountain slope

But skiing and snowboarding are not the only ways to enjoy the snowy embrace of Lake Louise. The Tube Park offers another dimension of excitement. Imagine the exhilaration of speeding downhill with panoramic vistas surrounding you, and yet, without the need for any prior experience or skills. Simply grab an inflatable tube and let the mountain do the rest. Spin, slide, and relive the uninhibited joy of snow days from your childhood. 

At Lake Louise Ski Resort, every experience is an ode to nature and the sheer beauty of life itself. Find yourself here. Be part of our story. 

Lake Louise Ski Resort and Summer Gondola is a CanaDream Club partner. CanaDream Guests can pre-book their discounted lift tickets on the CanaDream Club App or online through our website.

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