CanaDream Bike Racks

CanaDream is happy to enable Guests to travel with their bikes as they experience Canada at their own pace. We understand Guests love to have cycling adventures on their Canadian vacations and there is nowhere better to road, mountain or gravel bike.

Canada has some of the very best mountain bike trails in the world including world-leading mountain bike trails in resorts like Whistler, Revelstoke, Silver Star and  Big White to name just a few. In every province across Canada there are a vast number of free trails to explore, and we are happy to help our Guests to travel with their bikes. CanaDream offers the Swagman RV bike rack - the best in the industry for RVing.

Bike racks are fitted on the tow hitch of our SVC, MHC, MHB and MHA RVs. Unfortunately, due to the rear access doors on our TCA and DVC vehicles, they cannot be fitted to TCA or DVC units.

Guests are fully responsible for the fitting of bikes on the bike rack and take responsibility for any damage caused to bikes while on the rack. CanaDream cannot be held responsible for the securing or fitting of the bikes to the rack. Guests renting a bike rack will be required to sign the bike rack rental agreement as part of the Vehicle Rental Agreement during online check-in.

Due to insurance restrictions, Guests are not permitted to bring and fit their own bike rack to a CanaDream RV.  Any Guest in violation of this may have their insurance voided.


Swagman Bike Rack Capacity

The Swagman TRAILHEAD RV is a hitch-mount hanging bike rack designed especially for carrying up to four bikes on the back of an RV. It is RV Approved, meaning that it’s engineered to withstand the extra force of being used on the back of a travel trailer or 5th wheel RV.

Our bike racks can carry up to 4 regular bikes with a maximum weight capacity of 35lbs per bike mounted to the back of an RV hitch. The bike racks have not been specifically designed to carry e-bikes and while an e-bike may be able to be placed on the rack, the total weight carried must not exceed 100lbs. It is the Guest’s responsibility to ensure the maximum weight is not exceeded on the bike rack.

The triangular bike cradles, combined with the rubber straps, help eliminate most of the front to back bike sway found on other hanging style racks. However, as there are many different bike frames, we recommend that Guests come prepared to additionally secure their bikes with strapping, bungee cords, or foam to ensure their bikes are protected from the rigours of road journeys. Bikes with angled top tubes or suspension along the top tube will find it is difficult to hang on the bike rack.

Bike Rack features:

  • Transports up to 4 bikes (not e-bikes)
  • Maximum towable weight 100lbs
  • Anti-sway cradles prevent bike to bike contact
  • Arms fold down when not in use
  • Rack Weight: 29.5lbs

We recommend that Guests:

  • Travel with a bike tool kit, as handle bars, pedals and wheels may need to be moved or removed to secure the bikes on the rack
  • Travel with good bike locks, and always keep the bikes secured
  • Never leave their bikes unsecured by their RV
  • Have their bikes insured against theft while away from home
  • Bring protective rags, foam tubes or strapping to help the bikes from bumping against each other while on the rack - important where bikes are different sizes and different frame shapes
  • Bring their bikes in soft folding bike bags rather than hard cases. Our MHA units have large exterior storage compartments which are perfect for the storage of the bike bags.



Happy Cycling!