The Northern Surcharge is a fee that is added to all rentals picking up from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal & Halifax that travel to the northerly parts of Canada.

Use the interactive map below to see where the Northern Surcharge fee applies.  Any destination north of the line on the map is deemed to be in a Northern Surcharge area. Vehicles for northern travel must be expressly requested and confirmed at the time of reservation. By virtue of the remoteness, weather, and road surface conditions in northern areas, it is important for CanaDream to know when a Guest is driving into these regions. Guests who travel to these areas without permission will be subject to a $1500 penalty and will void all insurance coverage. CanaDream RVs are all tracked for insurance purposes and Guests will be contacted when they drive into a northern surcharge area if they have not pre-purchased the Northern Surcharge fee. CanaDream reserves the right to restrict driving access at any time.

If you pick up in Whitehorse, you will have the Northern Surcharge included in your rental. Permission is automatically granted to travel in Northern Surcharge areas with the exception of the 'No-Go' areas of the Denali and Dalton Highways in Alaska, the North Canol Highway in the Yukon and any other prohibited routes.

Driving in northerly regions of Canada is not without risks. We encourage Guests to research their trip and route carefully, understanding and adhering to the CanaDream prohibited and restricted roads.

Guests should also be conscious that vehicle recovery following a flat tire, incident or lockout can take a considerable time to resolve and can therefore be very expensive.

Cell signal can also be very limited and we encourage Guests to travel with a satellite phone.