Like many North American cities, Anchorage owes its beginnings to the railroad. Established as a construction camp during the building of the Alaska Railroad, the city soon grew to become an important shipping port.

When oil was discovered in the Arctic region in the 1960s, Anchorage grew further, merging with other towns in the area to become the modern city it is today. It offers convenience alongside a visitor experience packed with full-on adventure.

More than 60 glaciers lie within 50 miles of the downtown core, which is surrounded by six mountain ranges. With one of the largest state parks in Alaska right on Anchorage's doorstep, it's a dream destination for hiking, dog sledding, food, entertainment, water sports and sightseeing in all directions.

With so much to see and do in Anchorage and its surrounding areas, it makes sense to rent an RV and experience it at your own pace.

Top 5 Things to Do

  • Go on a Moose Hunt
  • Immerse yourself in Native culture at the Alaska Native Heritage Center
  • Explore the city by bike
  • Visit the Anchorage Museum
  • Take a hike in The Chugach

Big Wild Life

Life in Anchorage is full-on adventure! Join "Visit Anchorage" as they showcase the best their city has to offer.
Video courtesy of Visit Anchorage

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