The largest community in the Northwest Territories, Yellowknife lies on the northern shore of Great Slave Lake. Discovery of gold in the area was the foundation of this community of around 20,000 people.

Today Yellowknife's economy is based around diamonds, tourism, transportation and communications. Diamonds were discovered just north of the city in 1991 and are still mined today.

Yellowknife's self-proclaimed "Claim to fame" is as the Northern Lights capital of the world and it's most likely true. From September through to May, it would be unusual for a visitor spending a few days in the Northwest Territories to not get a glimpse of this amazing phenomenon. But Yellowknife is much more. It's distinctly unique, it's bright and offbeat, laid back and relaxed. It's a place you simply must visit on a trip to Canada's north.

Things to do in Yellowknife change by the season. Summer offers a wealth of outdoor recreational opportunities with endless daylight while in winter ice fishing, dog sledding, cross country skiing and other activities are on offer. Many visitors to the Territory choose to travel by RV and enjoy camping. Three campgrounds provide for those who rent an RV or travel in their own, the closest being only 2km from Yellowknife in Fred Henne Territorial Campground.

While Yellowknife may not easily come to mind as a destination to add to your bucket list, you'll be so glad you came.

Top 5 Things to Do

  • Stroll the Cameron River Falls Trail
  • Take a tour of the Legislative Assembly Building
  • Visit the Northern Heritage Centre
  • Watch bushplanes taking off and landing from the Bush Pilot's Monument
  • Discover the Old Town

Spectacular by Nature

Yellowknife is the base for most northern adventures. Fish under the midnight sun or return between fall and spring to watch the sky sparkling under northern lights. This is the spectacular Northwest Terrorites at its finest.
Video courtesy of spectacularnwt

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