From its founding in 1785 to its growth as a world leader in steel production, the town of Sydney, Nova Scotia embraces its history at every turn.

Named in honour of the 1st Viscount Sydney, Thomas Townsend - the same person for whom Sydney, Australia was named - this now vibrant Nova Scotia town's original settlers included former soldiers and Loyalists escaping the USA after the American Revolution.

You will find many things to do in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The waterfront is the recreational focal point. Buskers will entertain you on warm summer days and hours can be spent watching ships coming and going. Not to be missed is the opportunity to have your photo taken with The Big Fiddle, a tribute to the musical talent of Cape Breton people.

40 minutes east of Sydney, the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site is worth visiting. Jump in your RV and drive the 45km to the site and then return to Sydney around the Marconi Trail, stopping in some of the small seaside communities along the route.

Sydney is the Marine Gateway to scenic Newfoundland with a year-round ferry service leaving from North Sydney to Channel Port aux Basques and in summer also to Argentia. The ferry enables those who rent an RV from our Halifax location to include Newfoundland on their Atlantic Maritime provinces itinerary.

Top 5 Things to Do

  • Get photographed with The Big Fiddle
  • Stroll around Petersfield Provincial Park
  • Step back in time at Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site
  • Explore the Sydney Waterfront District
  • Raise a Cheer at the Breton Brewing Co

Time Warp Back to the 18th Century

Relive 18th Century Nova Scotia at the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site - the largest reconstruction of an original French town and fortifications of its kind in North America.
Video courtesy of Parks Canada

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