As the capital and only city in Canada's Yukon province, Whitehorse is unique. Beautiful, vibrant energetic - it has nature right on its doorstep.

The Yukon is ripe for an RV adventure and Whitehorse is at its hub. Our Whitehorse RV Rental location is ideally located close to the airport and downtown and welcomes visitors from around the world eager to experience the Yukon at their own pace.

Less than an hour away in various directions, you'll find hot springs, emerald green lakes, wildlife viewing and much more. There are so many things to do in Whitehorse itself before you even head out on your RV vacation. Not to be missed is Miles Canyon, minutes away from downtown. Aside from the spectacular scenery, there's an extensive network of hiking trails in the area, one taking you to an abandoned historic settlement called Canyon City.

A number of museums in the city provide visitors with an insight into the history of Whitehorse and the S.S. Klondike, moored permanently on the banks of the Yukon River, is a proud reminder of the days when rivers were highways.

Wherever you choose to travel, Yukoners will welcome you with open arms. They will tell you their capital city is a mix of wildlife, nightlife and everything in between.

Top 5 Things to Do

  • Go hiking in Miles Canyon
  • Visit the Yukon Wildlife Preserve
  • Take a cool dip in stunning Emerald Lake (or just admire it from the shore!)
  • Get onboard the S.S. Klondike
  • Learn about Yukon's history at the many museums in the city

There are strange things done in the midnight sun

It's an experience few get to have but many long for.  It's an experience that's uniquely Yukon - it's the opportunity to let daylight be your guide and set your own adventure under the midnight sun.
Video courtesy of Travel Yukon

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