Sandwiched on three sides by other Canadian provinces or Territories and on its fourth side by the USA, Saskatchewan is the only province in Canada without natural borders.

The name "Saskatchewan" comes from the indigenous Cree people who called the river “Kisiskatchewani Sipi”, meaning “the swiftly flowing river”. The modern spelling of the name was adopted in 1882 when the area became part of the North West Territories. It became a province in its own right in 1905.

The Saskatchewan landscape comprises three distinct regions – forest in the north, aspen parkland in the centre and grassland to the south. Road access in the north is limited.

With three national parks and 28 provincial parks and recreational sites, Saskatchewan is a nature lover’s dream. While the terrain may lack the drama of other provinces, it’s an ideal place to unwind – with miles of relatively crowd-free open spaces. It’s a province which lends itself to the RV lifestyle.

Cities of Interest in Saskatchewan

Yearly weather average
Dec - Feb
-14° / -5° C
Mar - May
-2° / 12° C
Jun - Aug
11° / 22° C
Sep - Nov
-1° / 10° C

Provincial Information


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