April 5, 2018 // By Neil Kleise

Host to a divinely inspired portfolio of rich sights and sounds, the gift of natural wildlife that exists within Canadian confines proves a privilege for even the most seasoned traveler.
To best explore the abundance of organic wonders which decorate Canadian landscapes, rent an RV and hit the highways. Look out of the windows and view the winning local topography, before you encounter national parks, suspension bridges, lush gardens, crystalline lakes, and persistent hospitality. Claim consistent Canadian majesty, when you transform your camper or RV into an easy excuse for some authentic Canadian adventure!

1. Banff National Park
Canada’s oldest national park is perfect for your introduction to Canada's awe-inspiring sights and sounds. Characterized by the bevy of recreational opportunities you make available both to yourself and to your travel companions from the moment you enter the park itself, Banff National Park proves the perfect blend of thrill and rejuvenation.

During summer months, you’ll be allowed the opportunity to hike and bike the complete network of trails that decorate the grounds of the park itself. Onsite, your adventures will introduce you to 6,641 square kilometers (more than 2,500 square miles) worth of indigenous beauty. Winter months allow you the freedom to ski the grounds, and if the weather ever drives you inside, there’s always the Banff Park Museum to explore, a structural marvel of log that allows you to immerse yourself in times gone by. Leave your worries in the RV, and experience the natural quality of living you’ve been searching for, onsite at Banff National Park.

Moraine Lake, just south of Lake Louise, in Banff National Park.

2. Niagara Falls
Discover more of the world’s second-largest landmass when you take to this cultural and international favorite: Niagara Falls! This tourist attraction is as popular as any you’ll find in Canada, one well worth the visit, as much for the site itself as for the culture surrounding the attraction. Of course, the Falls themselves are the reason for your visit; you’re going to want to budget more than enough time simply for staring upon the three waterfalls that exist between the Canadian and American borders. However, once you’ve had your fill of the sheer excitement of the sight itself, there are so many worthy attractions within a close radius! Discover the highlights of local marine life at the Aquarium of Niagara, before you explore more of the history that characterized the region itself, at the Niagara Gorge Discovery Center. Live life large at the Niagara Falls view Casino Resort, and take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Falls themselves, courtesy of the all-access Journey Behind the Falls program. If you’re into hiking, there’s the Niagara Whirlpool setting, and for a view of the Falls you’re never going to forget, take advantage of the Prospect Point Observation Tower which, since 1961, has offered visitors and locals alike a chance to gaze upon Niagara Falls from nearly 300 feet above the ground.

Niagara Falls can be seen from lookout points on the ground, from a helicopter tour or while on a tour boat. Photos: USA side (right) Canadian side (left).

3. Quebec City
It proves nearly impossible to narrow down the list of items you must see when you’re anywhere near Quebec City! Home to a wonderful selection of boutique venues, retail outlets, recreational opportunities, eateries, and pubs alike, as well as to a vibrant nightlife, Quebec City exists to satisfy.

Check out Old Quebec, a dated region of Quebec City home to much of the foundational history of the region. Your visit to Quebec City itself isn’t complete without an appreciation for its inception.

From there, it’s time to leave the RV and venture into the city itself! Pass by world-class restaurants, pubs and more while on foot, and take advantage of a wonderful array of internationally acclaimed locations! Eat at top-tier, respected locations like Légende, La Planque, and Saint-Amour, and visit bars like La Piazz once the sun sets, to experience a dynamic social scene unparalleled among any you’re likely to encounter. It’s all of the history, the adventure, and the intrigue you need in Quebec City!

Old Town Quebec City, Place Royal.

4. North Vancouver
Seldom will you find a wider range of recreational opportunities, than near North Vancouver in Canada. The local North Shore Mountains play host to all of the hiking and skiing you’re looking to make your own, no matter the time of the year. The shore close by is the ideal setting for your next memorable sunset experience, or for renting a boat and taking to the waves themselves!

If you’re a feeling in need of some indigenously-flavored relaxation, check out the local Fraser Valley Wine vineyard, a location etched by a skyline of the vibrant social atmosphere not far away! The wonderful synthesis that is the North Vancouver scene, seemingly equal parts recreation, relaxation, and discovery, deservingly tugs on the heart of any true adventurer. Where dynamic geography meets your desire to experience it, there you’ll find some of the world’s foremost excuses for adventure, in the form of national parks, acclaimed tourist attractions, and everything in between. Take advantage of the accessibility that Canada offers its travelers, and transform your RV or camper into your next ticket to authentic Canadian hospitality!

Lions Gate Bridge - connecting the City of Vancouver to North Vancouver.

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