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November 3rd 2023

Winter and cold weather RVing is not only possible, but awesome. Specially designed, fully insulated units offer you the freedom to travel wherever, whenever you want. From family ski vacations to winter festival getaways – worries about finding a hotel or pre-planning how long you'll be in one place are issues of the past.

Why stop RVing when temperatures drop, and snow begins to fall? Despite the falling flakes, we continue to spend time with family, reconnect on road trips with friends and book unique romantic getaways. So why not continue spending quality time with loved ones, all year-round, in our chalet on wheels?
CanaDream RV has the key to perfect winter getaways and outdoor adventure! Perhaps you are thinking RVing during a Canadian winter would be a chilly activity? You will be pleased to know CanaDream Certified Winter Ready RVs allow us to stay in nature and near our favourite activities very comfortably! Whether you're a skier, skater, hiker, ice-fisher, stargazer or aurora borealis hunter, everyone benefits from the rejuvenation quality outdoor time provides.

CanaDream Certified Winter Ready RVs are equipped to take you, your loved ones and everyone’s winter clothing and sport equipment to your select snowscape! Click here to review ‘everything’ Winter RVing including instructional guides, winter RV specifications, winter campgrounds featuring unique trips, including activity and hearty meal suggestions!

Our Certified Winter Ready RVs are custom-manufactured and crafted to guarantee your comfort and safety, in temperatures as low as ~30C and equipped with:

  • On-board generator (free use between October 1st and April 30th)
  • Four coach batteries
  • High efficiency 30,000 BTU auto-ignite furnace
  • Insulated curtains
  •  Fleece sheets
  • Dual pane windows
  • Interior winter cab blanket and vent pillows
  • Fully-tread, mud and snow-rated tires (chains provided as per provincial law requires)
  • Insulated fresh water and heated waste tanks, allowing full use of water (sink, shower, and toilet)
  • Oversized locking storage area for winter sport equipment, boots, and warm clothing


Winter RVing Makes Cents

Canada is home to numerous world-class ski resorts and CanaDream allows you to experience more mountain magic for less than you might expect. Nightly rates at hotels, either directly in these resorts or in nearby towns, can easily exceed many travellers' budgets. With off-peak RV rental rates dipping low alongside winter temperatures, your wallet will enjoy extra cushion for the important things - hot chocolate and s’mores supplies! Enjoy the freedom and savings in winter vacationing with your fully equipped kitchen at the base of the mountain (say goodbye to astronomical cafeteria prices), alongside your favourite fishing lake or outside family or friends’ homes during the holidays!

CanaDream Certified Winter RVs are Toast-y Hosts

But first-time winter RVers may be curious “Is RVing a comfortable experience in the winter?”
The simple answer is YES! Winter RVing is very comfortable.CanaDream works closely with our RV fabrication teams to design and manufacture RVs specifically designed to fully function in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius or -22 degrees Fahrenheit. Dual paned glass and insulated curtains trap heat inside, extra coach batteries provide a reliable and long-last power source, and our insulated piping systems are crafted with your comfort and winter safety in mind.

Is it Difficult to Drive an RV in the Winter?

Drivers with less driving experience may feel unease when considering operating an RV during the winter months. We want to replace fears with facts and suggestions. While RVs are larger than your family car, they operate in a similar manner and do not feel a lot different. Practicing in an empty parking lot is a great way for drivers to develop confidence and gain a better sense of the RV’s response on ice and snow. Drivers may safely try out the braking and engage in other winter defensive driving maneuvers to gain a sense of the increased braking time required to come to a complete stop on icy roads with a larger and heavier vehicle. While motorhomes are as easy to drive as your own car, there are some things that RV drivers do need to be aware of.

Gain a Full Visual Before Departing

Before driving away in your RV, walk around each side of the vehicle to check for potential obstacles and ensure all outside compartments are closed and locked. Be sure to remove bulky or restrictive clothing that may affect your ability to shoulder check. Although our RVs are equipped with camera-assist, RV drivers will want full range of movement while ensuring blind spots are clear and during shoulder-checks.

Be Weather & Road-Aware Along Planned Routes

Check the weather and road conditions before you depart and make decisions with safety in mind.

  • Consider leaving after roads have been plowed and treated with sand, gravel, or salt if road reports indicate an accumulation of snow you are not comfortable driving on.
  • Familiarize yourself with your RV’s defrost control location and vent functionality prior to departure.
  • Ensure your windows are clear; all ice and snow should be wiped or scrapped off for optimal vision.
  • Check the wind speed and direction on an updated weather source or phone app. Be aware of crosswinds on your route. The higher the wind speed, the more the RV will sway. Drivers should safely reduce their speed and stop until the wind calms to safer speeds. Driver focus and a firm, adjusted grip on the steering wheel will be required to negotiate the additional force in order to steer straight.
  • If morning roads are reported to be icy and temperature is expected to warm above 0 degrees, plan to leave when roads may offer a more relaxing and safer route.
  • Increase your distance between yourself and other drivers on roadways; stopping distances will differ in an RV and will not be the same as your family vehicle.

Exercising personal caution and adhering to your own level of comfort is the best course of action. Your fully powered chalet on wheels will offer you every amenity you need until it is safe to proceed!

Wild for Powder on Ski Safaris

As the experts in winter RVing, we know where the experienced Powder Hunters are seeking RV and Ski winter vacations and we’re happy to share! Interested in your own Canadian ski vacation inspiration? Check out our favourites places at Ski Safaris!

You can also search our convenient Where to RV and Ski  and you’ll find interactive maps, locations of winter campsites and information on top ski resorts in the CanaDream Club. Some resorts invite overnight lot stays in Guest parking and many offer discounted lift tickets for CanaDream Guests!


Winter RVing offers us a memorable, comfortable, and budget-pleasing winter holiday experience! It offers us a place to rest and relax at our relatives’ who are limited on space during the holidays, a private ski chalet complete with cozy beds and full kitchen, and a warm haven to rest between winter fun – wherever you are!

Perhaps you are a first-time snow adventure-seeker and seeking fun ideas for winter getaways? Check out our beautiful Essential Winter RVing Guide brimming with inspirational vacation routes, winter activities perfect for fun under the winter sun, a comprehensive packing list, our favourite ski resorts and year-round campgrounds! What are you waiting for? Winter is coming!

Book your CanaDream RV Winter holiday ~ browse our special offers today!

Dreaming of a ski vacation or snow adventure in the Rocky Mountains? Read our blog on Western Canada’s best winter campsites and let us guide you through our favourite places to park!

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