April 18, 2022 // By Doug Trotter

If anybody would have asked me in 1983 if I would still be in the river rafting industry 20 years from then my reply would have been, “Seriously, are you crazy?” But I'm going into my 40th season of owning Interior Whitewater Expeditions. My name is Doug Trotter and I am the owner of IWE operating out of Wells Gray Park on the Clearwater River in Clearwater BC.
I think about where we were in 1983 when we started the business and where we are now, and WOW-what a change. We started our business 40 years ago by simply buying one boat, a van and trailer, putting up a sign on the highway and, just like that, we were open for business. Even at that point, we were very serious kayakers who knew Whitewater and the local rivers very well. We thought starting a rafting company might be a cool thing to do, as well as pay for our kayaking addiction, which just might enable us to go on some incredible kayak trips around the world. Guess what! - It worked!
Group of people in a yellow raft in whitewater
Since that time IWE has grown into one of the most established rafting companies in Western Canada. We continue to be the innovative leader in rafting adventures in British Columbia. Surrounded by wild, undisturbed rivers and astonishing scenery, our rafting packages offer a rare combination of river trip opportunities designed to quench your thirst for scenic beauty and outdoor adventure.
Blue raft with six people whitewater rafting
We’ve been blessed over the years to have the Clearwater River to work with as well as working out of one of the most beautiful and exciting Parks in all of British Columbia - Wells Gray. Richard C. Bocking, in his book "The Mighty River", described the Clearwater as “One of the most dynamic tributaries of the entire Fraser River system." "The Clearwater River is the culmination of an incredible concentration of waterfalls, rapids, and chutes, probably the greatest in BC.”
Two children sitting on a yellow raft
I often think back on all the fantastic guides and staff we have had over a 40-year period, and it is astonishing. I wonder what they’re all doing, how much they have changed, and if I might ever see them again. People from all over the world have worked at IWE over the years and the company has seen a lot of changes, but the one thing that never changes is me, I guess. My love for this River and Wells Gray Park, and my absolute obsession and passion for the sport of kayaking and rafting, has not changed over the years, along with the absolute necessity to offer our customers the best experience possible. Safety and customer service are our two main focuses - so this summer raft with a company that has had the same ownership for 40 seasons and see the difference that four decades of experience can make.

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Waterfall cascading into the Clearwater River

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