April 19, 2024

Put Jasper SkyTram on Your Road Trip Bucket List

Winter or Summer – Choose Your Own Adventure!

There are many ways to experience Jasper, but taking in the view from a mountain top might just be the coolest bucket list adventure of all. While there are plenty of mountains to choose from, few offer a 1000 metre elevation gain in only seven-and-a-half minutes! Jasper SkyTram does just that, and what’s more? You can choose your own adventure – winter snow or summer sun!

In the early season you can snowshoe to the summit of Whistlers Mountain! A quintessential Canadian experience. Rent your snowshoes at the upper station retail store and head to the top! It’s an adventure you don’t want to miss. During the summer months, take your time and hike the 1.4 km to the summit, enjoying the 360-degree views. Whichever time of year you visit, top off your adventure with a meal or refreshments at the Summit Café.

Star Sessions

Visiting Jasper in September or October? Don’t miss one of Jasper’s most spectacular events, Star Sessions! Part of the annual Dark Skies festival, Star Sessions is an evening of delicious food and stargazing with the Jasper Planetarium. Astronomy experts will give you an orientation of the night sky before you take your SkyTram flight up where you’ll have access to the most powerful telescopes in the Canadian Rockies!  As Jasper National Park is a Dark Sky Preserve, your chances for an incredible view of the night sky are high. This isn’t your average backyard stargazing experience! Star Sessions run rain or shine, but it’s best to be aware of weather conditions ahead of time. Check the Jasper SkyTram website for up-to-date information!

Your Star Sessions ticket includes a return SkyTram flight, dinner, and a stargazing experience, and the parking lot has more than enough room for your Canadream RV!

Get Up Close and Personal with Local Flora and Fauna

Did you know Whistlers Mountain – home of Jasper SkyTram, is named after the Hoary Marmot and its whistling call? Listen for this whistling alert on the summit and keep your eye out for the White-Tailed Ptarmigan too. Ground squirrels, and the cute alpine pika are also residents of Jasper’s mountain peaks, and if you’re lucky, you might just spot a mountain goat or bear! Make sure to always stay a safe distance away from all wildlife and give them plenty of room to move.

In the summer months, alpine meadows are also home to beautiful fields of wildflowers! Have your cameras ready to capture the colorful views that only summer in the alpine can provide.
As a CanaDream Club Partner, the Jasper SkyTram can be booked online or through the email booking@canadream.com or phone 1-800-347-7126. 

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