August 22, 2022

The word vacation means something different to everyone. Getting buried in a book, or scrambling up a mountain are two different vacation dreams for two different people. Now, if those two people happen to want to vacation together, how does that work? How do you make sure everyone is smiling on that vacation? You do it by exploring Alberta by RV.

Diversity and Alberta go hand in hand (just ask anyone from Alberta how "diverse" the weather can be). This large province has something to offer all its visitors. The adventure depends on how far you want to drive. To help put it into perspective, Alberta is more than four times the size of New York state. Even with its size, Alberta is easy to explore by RV. Alberta boasts over 75 provincial parks and 5 national parks within its borders. It doesn't matter if your vacation is days or weeks long, Alberta provides adventure and beauty around every corner.

When you explore Alberta by RV you can experience busy cities, turquoise lakes, glacier-fed rivers, prairies of gold, and towering mountains all in the same day. Sunshine lovers will enjoy Alberta's bright skies all year long. Our unique climate can give us over 300 days of sun out of every 365 days! Every season has sunshine and can be enjoyed in Alberta.

The diversity of Alberta has huge benefits for travellers. You can enjoy a glacier walk at the Columbia Ice Fields during the day, then drive down to Calgary and enjoy a bespoke cocktail at Betty Lou's, a secret bar behind a bookcase (secret password provided upon arrival). 


Let's walk through a few of the amazing options Alberta has to offer when travelling with an RV. 

Are you looking for sports, spas, ski hills, shopping, hiking, Cycling, Fishing, and/or Arts & Culture? Alberta has it all.

Sports & More
A variety of both professional and amateur sports entertainment is available all year round; hockey, football, lacrosse, baseball, rodeos, skiing, snowboarding, and Dance give you some great entertainment options to start with.

Nordic, Hamamm, Eco, and Thai spas name a few pampering options. A multitude of luxury levels can be found in any major city and most smaller towns.

Beginner to Advanced hiking is available in every corner of this province; trail hikes, rock climbing, paragliding, and free climbing are a few favourites. You name it, and Alberta has it. 

Skiing & Snowboarding
Beginner/advanced, downhill, alpine, Cat Skiing/snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and skijoring are options to participate in or spectate.

Arts & Culture
Museums, science meets art/engineering, sculpture gardens, architectural art installations, concerts, comedy, and galleries satisfy and enrich all ages.

Mountain biking, trail riding, leisure biking, and pump tracks can be used/visited with rental equipment easily accessed in most areas of the province.

Lake Life
Standup paddle boards, canoes, kayaks, boat rentals, fishing, and boat tours are a great way to check out the abundance of lakes in the area.

CanaDream has pick-up stations in both Edmonton and Calgary. These cities both conveniently have international airports.


Calgary is an amazing jumping-off point for many of the above-mentioned activities. 

Starting in Calgary offers a quick drive to several world-class ski resorts, with options to stay in Banff National Park your RV. After enjoying Canmore and Banff shopping and restaurants, park for the night at Tunnel Mountain Campground. From there it's a quick 20-minute drive to Sunshine Village Ski Resort. If you want to ride the first chair on the perfect bluebird day, this is the best way! After your time in the mountains, drive back to Calgary and visit some of the amazing restaurants and eateries they have to offer. With all the sunshine Alberta provides, it's a perfect pairing for summer adventures. The world-renowned Calgary Stampede rolls out 10 days of epic street food, concerts, firework shows, chuckwagon races, and last but not least the Rodeo! Festivals are also prevalent all over the province. Some favourite festivals are Folk Fest, Lilac Fest, and Blues Fest to name a few. There is no such thing as "festival season" in Alberta. There are hundreds all year-long to enjoy!


Choosing Edmonton as a starting point offers fantastic access to Wood Buffalo National Park and the stunning northern lights. The Boreal Forest waits with hikes of a lifetime. Covering over 50% of Alberta, the Boreal is home to the wonders of bears, moose, snowshoe hares, beavers, caribou, and naturally stocked lakes with northern pike, yellow perch, and walleye. For the birdwatchers, let's just say, it's a dream! On your way back to Edmonton don't forget to stop at West Edmonton mall. The mall boasts the largest in North America, with an indoor water park, mini golf course, and even an amusement park!

The local sports culture runs deep (and proud). The famous Battle of Alberta hockey game is not to be missed. The Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers have a long-standing rivalry. So, make sure you know where your allegiance lies before the game starts!

Your CanaDream RV and your own two feet are the only necessary items required to enjoy Alberta. Let the province unfold as you travel at your own pace. Check out our other itineraries for ideas and inspiration. 

If you have more questions about exploring Alberta by RV, you can email our amazing booking department. There are so many other exciting destinations waiting to be explored, and we are here to talk about them with you!

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