February 6, 2019

Now is the perfect time to embark on that RV holiday through Canada that you’ve been talking about. The best part about having an RV is the freedom it gives you to stop where you want when you want. Start planning your RV holiday itinerary now.
When choosing a Canadian RV vacation, there are a variety of itineraries to choose from. Enjoy the benefits of camping -- the beautiful scenery and connection to nature with all the creature comforts of any hotel or lodge. Imagine just being able to pick up and go at your leisure. If you had a few weeks to explore the best parts of Canada, where would you go?

Would you plan a trip through the Rockies? Or see the east coast lighthouses, like this one on Prince Edward Island?

Plan Your Dream RV Trip Through Canada
If you’re not sure which route to take, start small. There’s so much to see and do in all provinces in Canada that you don’t want to try to pack too much in and not have the time to do and see everything on your list. Choose the Maritime provinces and stop to watch whales in Newfoundland on the highway’s Eastern end. Drive alongside the world's highest tides at Fundy National Park near Sussex in New Brunswick, and then check out the quaint villages on Prince Edward Island. Choose Western Canada and camp along the blue-green waters of Lake Louise in picturesque Alberta, before departing for the lush green forests of British Columbia. Just a few miles is all you need to realize why these areas are an ultimate bucket list trip for many Canadians.

Wherever you decide to travel, break up your trip into easy to drive segments featuring plenty of interesting stops along the entire route. Stops highlight local history, can’t miss attractions, and the best nature spots sure to give you the best views. The length of your route will depend on a variety of factors-- the season/hours of daylight, the area of the road, whether you are traveling with children, and weather conditions.

Use these itineraries as a reference to plan your journey.

Deciding where to go. Make some plans.

Decide What You’d Like to See
Whether your plan includes Algonquin camping, Prairie adventure, the lakes and fjords of Quebec or discovering the Canadian Rockies, there’s a route to take you there. Drive comfortably in your RV and find plenty of spots to park or camp along your route. Campgrounds run the gamut between basic and luxury--some have full hookups, and some do not. Some feature a large number of varieties and some don’t. The features of your RV can also vary greatly depending on the type of camper you rent.

Driving through the Rocky Mountains in a CanaDream RV

RVing is a great way to enjoy the scenery and it is a cost-effective means of travel, as you can prepare your own meals and stop when you need to sleep. The RV lifestyle is not just for retirees--look at any RV campsite and you’ll see as many families with young children, and working professionals as you will retirees.

RV trips tend to be at a more leisurely pace, but don’t be afraid to plan a weekend getaway in your camper trailer. Start planning your dream Canadian RV holiday today and hit that open road to relive your wild hood.

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